Do You Remember When That First Glance Led To A Hot and Heavy Relationship You Thought Would Never Cool Off?

No matter whether things are now boring and stale, cold and hostile, or somewhere in between, you can rekindle the fires that once burned so hot between the bedroom sheets by improving the communication you have when your feet are on the floor.

I’m Todd Creager, providing Orange County marriage therapy for couples and author of The Long Hot Marriage. I am passionate about helping you and your partner have better communication, have more satisfying sexual lives, heal from the pain and crises in your marriage that may have pulled you apart, and feel closer to your partner than ever before.

That may sound like a tall order, but years of experience with couples in situations just like yours have proven that few relationships are so far gone that they are hopeless. Through face-to-face sessions with you and your partner in the Orange County area (or via Skype if you live elsewhere in California), I can be your therapist, who guides you on your journey of reconnection, revitalized communication, and passion.

Don’t You Want It Hot?

Some Like It Hot was the name of a famous Marilyn Monroe movie, but that title may understate the reality that MOST like it hot.  If you have the choice between settling for a mildly passionate relationship or claiming a vibrant, lively one, which would you choose? Most people hope for the heat!

If you’ve been married a while, you may think that sex is less important than it is was at the beginning. As life happens, with its blend of disagreements, misunderstandings, arguments, crises, tragedies, and even infidelities, you may even think that sex becomes irrelevant. I’m here to tell you that a healthy sex life is an important bond between people, a glue that may help you through the tough times if you can communicate with your partner.

Improving both sex and communication are a choice you can make. I would like to help you improve in these two interrelated areas.

Just as small things erode, small steps bring regeneration

In my therapy sessions with you, I help you learn to see your partner differently and in a fresh light, and then to start acting on that knowledge. Within a few sessions, you can begin mastering the skills of a happier marriage. What you thought was part of your distant past can become your new reality.

Where I Can Help

If you are having any of the following relationship problems, you may want to strongly consider me as your therapist: Together, we can explore both behavior and the underlying issues in your relationship that may result in:

SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Low sexual desire
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Infrequent sex
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Sexual Dysfunction such as erectile challenges
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Lack of Communication
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Sex addiction or other sexual habits that interfere with your relationship
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Infidelity (whether it is sexual or emotional infidelity)
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Escalating arguments
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Not enough romance
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Unsatisfying sex
SmallCheckmark Orange County Marriage Therapy Unsatisfactory results with a prior therapist

Why I Can Help

All my sessions are designed to be interactive, dynamic and solution oriented. My marriage and relationship therapy is set up to help you solve your relationship problems to have more romance, more loving sex, fulfilling communication and ultimately feel better about yourself AND your partner. Over the years, I have learned that the secret to uncovering exactly how each partner handles relationship conflict is by delving straight into the core issues in the therapy  and then showing people how to get past the past. I’m not going to bore you with textbook psychobabble. That will not solve your relationship issues.

Many Orange County therapists have a “one size fits all” approach to therapy. Sure they can be great listeners. But what exactly do they teach that you can go home and USE?

I customize my Orange County therapy sessions specifically to meet you and your partner’s individual needs. Some couples need me to focus on co-parenting issues. Some want an emphasis on their sexual problems. Some need a therapist who does much listening; some need a therapist who is more confrontive. Marriage and relationship issues can be difficult to talk about, whether it is of a sexual nature or not, I strive to be sensitive and understanding. You need a safe place to work out your problems and I always strive to be the kind of therapist that will be understanding, yet appropriately challenging.

As a relationship and marriage therapist with over 25 years of experience in Orange County, I have used my interactive tactics with thousands of couples who have come to me with fragile or broken relationships. Many Orange County therapists say they do relationship therapy, but I live and breathe it and truly specialize in marriage, relationship, and sex therapy that can really help you.

Witnessing The Long, Hot Marriage

I laid out many of approaches and the success it has produced in my book The Long, Hot Marriage, which focuses on how to improve not only your sex life, but many other aspects of your relationship. My book illustrates the real reasons why you and your partner are disconnected and shows how to realign your relationship so that there is emotional and sexual satisfaction. You will learn what it takes to communicate as partners so that positive breakthroughs occur.

The Long, Hot Marriage has been endorsed by notable authors such as John Gray, author of Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus, and Harville Hendrix, author of Getting the Love You Want and frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. The book illustrates that even in an area where the divorce rate is as high as it is in Orange County, most of the time, relationships can avoid this marriage heartbreak.

Taking the Steps Toward A Renewed Relationship

I encourage you to read the book – in fact, that is central to many of my programs.

Participating in therapy with me, whether in person or via Skype, individually or in one of the workshops I frequently offer, will give you the personal help you need to once again believe in your relationship and take the steps necessary to renew it and reinvigorate it.

If you like it Hot – and I know you do – sign up today for group or personal sessions or add my book or one of my Passion Packages to your Shopping Cart.

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