Toxic Relationship: Couple Quarreling

Toxic people are everywhere, you might find them in your family, personal relationships and at work.

If you find yourself dealing with a toxic person or relationship, understand that you are not alone
According to the sex and love experts at YourTango, “half or more of all people have toxic relationships in their lives.” So how do you know if you’re in or have been in a toxic relationship?

The top five indicators of relationship toxicity are:

  • spending more time fighting than enjoying each other
  • regularly feeling like you can’t do anything right
  • feeling depressed and/or anxious
  • the relationship stops being fulfilling
  • friends start distancing themselves from you

Did you know that “71% of experts identify poor relationship role models, including parents, as the leading cause of toxic relationship habits, and then it is followed by issues with self-esteem, with fear of being truly open with someone else clocking in third.” I also believe that narcissism is a huge cause of toxic relationships, as is being willing to accommodate a narcissist.

So how do you Identify and deal with toxic people or relationships?

First of all let’s examine your relationships.  There are five signs that you can apply to all of your relationships whether they are personal, social or work relationships.

Toxicity is more about the other person not being able or willing to perceive and treat you like a worthy separate human being with different needs and desires than him/her.   If you are feeling or have any doubts about a relationship take this list right here  Five Signs You Are In a Toxic or Draining Relationship and spend some time examining your relationships.

If you have taken the list above and discovered that you are indeed in a toxic relationship whether it is a personal or at work you’ll want to read more about the 7 Signs You Were Raised in A Dysfunctional Family.


When you are raised in a dysfunctional family you grew up with self limiting beliefs and as a result you may be attracted to toxic people or even worse think that what is happening is your fault.

The good news- you can create a new legacy for you and your children.  I have helped thousands of people break from those self-limiting beliefs.

How do you recognize and avoid those Toxic relationships?

Here are the top three three relationship patterns I see in my practice and I highly recommend that you avoid or  “leave the scene” if they start to show up in your relationships.   Read more about the Three Toxic Patterns in Relationships Healthy People Avoid

My advice is for you to be clear what you want, set boundaries and get out of any relationship where any of these three patterns continue. .

Would you like help breaking free from a toxic relationship and making room for the right kind of love?

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