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Ever have a simple item of discussion turn into a multiple hour fight? What should have been a simple chat, becomes another battle; and by the end of it, you’re no closer together.

I see it all the time with the couples I help. It comes down to a few styles of communication that are standing in the way of smooth sailing.  Watch this video to find out what kind of dynamic is going on in your home. And of course, I offer a some insights on how to turn it around in no time.


  • Susan Kibel says:

    are you taking new clients. Our insurance is Medicare and tricare. Many years ago my sons Larry and David isaacs were your patients.

    • Todd Creager says:

      Hi Susan. I have been behind obviously on my replies. I did not realize the connection there! I am busy but I am taking on new clients. The problem is that I am no longer a Medicare provider. I am worth the money though! Always doing everything I can to deliver results! Take care.

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