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Relationships that Survived and Thrived After Infidelity

If you or someone you know has caught a partner cheating, it can be devastating. You are probably wondering if I can ever trust him or her again. What If I told you it is possible for your relationship survive and even thrive after infidelity?

Watch this video and hear the stories of 2 relationships that survived and thrived after infidelity. You too can have a happy ending!

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One Comment

  • Marvin Glassmann says:

    Hey Todd,
    How do you handle a situation where the spouse cannot trust nor move ahead until she finds out the details of the affair. The betrayer they only spoke with each other, but the betrayed spouse doesn’t. Believe that, and continually ruminates about it, continually confronting the other with angry confrontations. The affair lasted 2 years and the couple has been in therapy for over a year.

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