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My 3 best tips (at least for now) for Increasing Eroticism in Your Intimate Relationship

My 3 best tips for Increasing Eroticism in Your Intimate Relationship

1. Think about sex more even if you usually don’t.  Spend a minute or less every hour of your workday  (or time when you and your partner are apart) thinking of what you can do with him or what he can do for you.   (That’s all it takes). Imagine your sexiest self- what are you wearing, what are you saying, what are you doing?  Remember- your brain is your sex organ- Use it!

2. Take your focus off having an orgasm.  Be sensual.  Touch each other; caress each other slowly without a goal of the big “O”.  As you slow down and really experience touch as well as the other 4 senses with your partner, that can be very erotic and arousing.

3. Do nice things for each other; go out of your way to please your partner outside the bedroom.  Yes- what you do outside the bedroom definitely contributes to the sexual energy between you.  Many people cannot go from cold to hot; they need to go from warm to hot.  So- be intentionally kind and giving.

I just may have a few more ideas next week.  Stay tuned.

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