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Todd - Financial

Even though infidelity is usually associated with sexual infidelity, financial infidelity affects a good portion of committed couples.  I have had to treat many couples where the only secret had to do with money.  This could be in the form of a secret credit card or secret bank account or even secret shopping and spending. This can cause as much pain as sexual infidelity. Secrets destroy trust and trust is a foundation of a relationship. Without trust, your partnership is really a “house of cards.” If you are keeping a financial secret, I would recommend finding a therapist such as myself to help you repair the damage in the best way possible. Money honesty leads to mature negotiation and conflict resolution. Hiding to make life easier for yourself ends up costing you in the long term.  It can even cost you in your wallet. Of course, the obvious place it hurts the most is in the heart. Removing the need for secrets paves the way for a more connected and alive relationship.


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