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Case Study: How EMDR Healed Childhood Trauma

Trauma of any nature is a very touchy subject and not one that many therapists speak publicly about.
In this short video I am sharing with you how EMDR healed childhood trauma and gave this couple needed help to repair their relationship.
It’s a big issue according to the Journal of Traumatic Stress.  According to a study in North Carolina 68% of children and adolescents experienced at least one potentially traumatic event by the age of 16.  So I feel it is important that I speak about it publicly.
Today’s video is a case study about how EMDR helped heal a relationship where one of the partners was carrying around the effects of sexual trauma as a child.
This may or may not be for you and if it is, I encourage you to watch the video here where I talk about how it was affecting the relationship.
And I promise there is a happy ending!
If you know anyone who is struggling in their relationship because of trauma, infidelity or other issues…please share this with them.
Let them know that there is hope and there is help!
Making the world safe for love!

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