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3 Essentials To Build Romance and Intimacy

3 Essentials To Build Romance and Intimacy

You are that guy or woman who is romantic.  

Do you know how many times I have heard: “Well, I’m just not the romantic type?”  

Let’s just say…more than a few (thousand) times.  

All those people could not be more wrong!  There is no such thing as a romantic type, especially when you have been with your partner for a while.

There are those who are romantic because they naturally do the things that romantic people do and then there are others who need to INTENTIONALLY do the things that romantic people do.  That is the only classification I can come up with.  

We are all romantic…some need to be more intentional about it than others.  

So, what do you need to intend to do in order to be that  “romantic type?”  

Here are 3 essential that you need to do to build romance and intimacy:

1)   Discover what your partner likes in order to feel loved, energized, excited and/or happy:  

This means you need to have some dialogues.  Ask him or her questions about it.  What are the kinds of activities that you like to do?  How would you love to spend time with me?

Do you like more active activities or do you want to slow down with me?  Or both?

2)   Plan out time in your day to “plan” romantic activities:  

Yes…you need to plan “planning” time.  

For me personally, I need a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes usually to figure something out.  If I spend 2-20 minutes per week planning what I could do to be romantic, then I will be a powerful creator of romance.  Since you have had the dialogues of discovery, it is easier to focus on the plans that will have the most impact.

3)   Follow through:  

Doing those activities or spending that time with your partner in a way that energizes him or her may mean that you are out of your comfort zone.  

It is good to be uncomfortable sometimes.  Stretch a little bit.  

Studies show that people that think of and give to others are happier and even live longer.  So be romantic and live longer, happier lives!  Don’t wait to be in the mood or when your relationship is in a better place.   When you follow through, you will see the natural rewards.  That will incentivize you to be romantic consistently.  

Romance is a habit; a good habit; a necessary habit if you want a long, hot relationship.  

It even increases feel-good hormones such as testosterone, oxytocin and estrogen.

So, discover, plan and follow through.  Keep it up for a while and suddenly you will surprisingly see yourself as a romantic type after all.  Be creative with it.  

I read somewhere that the more creative you are, the less money you have to spend to be romantic.  I thought that was truthfully funny.  However, there is no problem with being extravagantly romantic.  That is fine.  But think out of the box.  Google ‘romantic ideas.’  

There is much out there to help you and inspire you.  Enjoy your romantic self!


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