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Successful Couples who Healed after Infidelity

This is the third article in my series on infidelity, in the first article I wrote about Infidelity: Is it the Problem or the Message. And in the second article in this series I talk about messages I have received in my therapy sessions from people who have been unfaithful.  In this third article I’m sharing with you how couples have been able to go on to have a successful marriage after an affair.

When dealing with infidelity in a relationship, it is totally up to each couple whether they want to heal and stay together or break up.  As a therapist, I need to honor whatever each partner decides to do.

Still, I have had tremendous gratification helping couples not only heal but also have a stronger, deeper relationship after the affair.  This happens as they begin viewing the affair as a symptom of a deeper problem that needs to be looked at.  As a couple deciphers the meaning and message of the affair, they can find alternative and more creative ways of solving the “problem” that the affair “solved” with a whole lot less negative consequences!

Success story # 1 involves a couple where there was an affair.  The husband was discovered cheating by the wife and after coming in as a couple, she decided to give the marriage another chance.  He then came in for individual therapy for a series of sessions where he realized that he had a great need for affirmation.  He was feeling inferior to his wife because of her emotional and social skills as well as her excelling ability to make money.  He found a woman who seemed to look up to him and he sabotaged his marriage just to get that feeling again of being good enough and masculine.  He realized that he always had a very critical voice inside his head as well as a habit of feeling inferior and guilty.

We explored how his mother would evoke guilt which led to him constantly give up his true self to please her.  The problem was that he could never please her for long because of her neediness.  He was able to learn how to deal with his own inner critic and see himself as an equal to his wife.  He eventually forgave himself for his infidelity and as his wife saw his internal changes, she was able to forgive him as well.  Six years later, their marriage is strong and stable.

Success story # 2 involves also a man who cheated (however women cheat about as much as men these days), but for a totally different reason.  This man was married to a very sweet, quiet woman.  They settled into their marriage and stopped communicating.  They lost their “we” connection that they had when courting and mostly did their own thing.  When they did come together, it was either for infrequent and lukewarm sex or watching TV without touch or dialogue.  She did get pregnant during one of their infrequent sexual experiences.  While pregnant, he met a woman at work who showed excitement to be with him.  He experienced feelings he had not experienced since the early days of his relationship with his wife.  They had an affair and this relationship gave the husband that “we” feeling again.  The wife found out about their 9-month affair when the baby was 3 months old.

This sure looked like a relationship and family headed for disaster.   They actually came to see me for a short time and then stopped coming because he would not give up his affair.  They separated but about 3 months later, he gave me a call.  His words were, “I do not want to lose my family.  I have made a mistake and want to correct it and if my wife is willing, I would like to come back to couples counseling.  She was understandably reluctant and resentful but in a few weeks, she agreed, feeling like she just had to explore this process before totally walking away from the marriage.

  • This time, without an extramarital relationship to deal with, they started new communication habits.  They learned from me how to locate and express their deep pain, feelings and desires.
  • They learned how to listen and be receptive to each other.
  • They started to feel like a “we” again as they kept the commitment of communicating for at least 10 quality minutes a day.

When his wife said, “How would I know if he was cheating again?” I said that there are no guarantees.  Then I said, “However, if he continues to communicate as he is and you reciprocate (which was so different than what happened between them before the affair), the chances of him cheating get significantly lower.”  I told her that she had to decide to take a chance on him or not but that if she did; it was also her chance of having a loving relationship with her husband as well as an intact family.  She put her full heart into it as did he and to this day, they are emotionally and sexually connected and raising their family.

These are two examples among many others of couples who successfully healed as well as learned from their pain.  They deciphered with my help the message of the infidelity and had the courage to take the steps to create a thriving intimate relationship.

Not all relationships work out and as the couple I worked with on Oprah Winfrey’s show “Unfaithful,” sometimes couples can still heal from infidelity even though they decide to get divorced.  Forgiveness allows the forgiving person the freedom to not hurt anymore.  Whether couples work it out as the two I mentioned or couples are not able to work it out, all partners can learn more about themselves and their (ex) partner by understanding what purpose (no matter how painful) the infidelity served.

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  • lena says:

    I recently am going through a devastating occurrence. My boyfriend of two years was recently caught hitting on my old best friend. I confronted him and we took about a month a part we started missing each other and decided to get back together . We got really drunk with my best friend and ended up having a threesome. Recently my best friend told me he had messaged her on Facebook saying he keeps thinking about that night and he “accidentally” sent her a picture of his penis. I hate this because i feel like i’m supposed to be with him but a man doesn’t treat a women like that. Can time heal this? What should I do? Do I have options other than losing him.Will he ever change?

  • Olive says:

    Do you think your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you? Let the country’s best female PIs help you get to the bottom of it. We are shooting a new TV pilot for and are looking to help. Please email dana_lillie@discovery.com for further details.

  • Christy Yang says:

    I’m currently trying to forgive my husband. He had a short lived affair, but he still cheated. They were together for 1 1/2 month before I caught them. He says he only tried having sex with her once, but his erection died, and they couldn’t continue. She confirmed that he was not a man, and she was really upset he stopped all contact with her. I think it was more of a emotional infidelity, but they tried intercourse to see where it led, and it didn’t go anywhere. She was an older married woman with 3 children! I couldn’t believe she could do that to another woman, let alone her family and her husband. When I found out about the affair I was crushed. He’s been sorry every since. He’s been coming to my workplace everyday with coffee, and he’s being very consistent. He tells me everyday that he loves me, and that he’ll never do it again. I’m stuck! I don’t know how to feel. I feel betrayed and hurt. I’ve talked to many friends and family that lived through infidelity or divorced. All they suggest is that I give it time, because he truly made a mistake. I feel that it was not a mistake, because he had a choice. We have 3 boys, and he’s my first in everything. I’m staying only because I do not want to make any permanent decision on temporary feelings. I replay everything over and over. It’s just so hard.

    • Todd Creager says:

      Christy- It IS hard; I am here for you if you want to contact me. Feel free to contact me at (714) 848-2288 or todd@toddcreager.com. I help individuals and couples that are going through similar experiences all the time and it can truly be very helpful. Also, I have a “dealing with infidelity” resource page that you can click on the first page of my website at http://www.toddcreager.com. There is very good information there. Take care.

  • Brenda says:

    A few years ago, my husband made the decision to step out on me. I can honestly say it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. It really consumed my time all day all night, every day. We are still together 3 years later, and I honestly think that the affair is a big reason why. It was an isolated incident, made even more possible because of alcohol, but it ultimately made us address our real issues, which were a big part of the reason why he cheated. I believe that if that never happened, those issues would have never been addressed, and we would probably not be together any more. We are stronger and better off today than we were 5 years ago. I am not saying cheating is a way to improve a relationship, but in some weird way it really did help us work things out.

    • Todd Creager says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for your comment and congratulations to both of you for doing the work of improving your relationship. Crises often have a way to wake us up and get some significant growth out of it. I see it in my practice all the time and your wonderful comment is another testament for what is possible. I wish you the best.

  • Carla says:

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  • You can make your marriage work by forgiving things & give another chance to your spouse. If for you marriage is more important that the infidelity, then you must definitely go for forgiving things.

  • Liva says:

    How didu recognise the issues
    Can they be recognised without therapy also

    • Todd Creager says:

      Hi Liva,

      I recognized the issues by doing a good assessment and tracing it back to what was going on at the time of the decision to cheat. As for recognizing without therapy, it is possible. Sometimes a skilled therapist will see it more clearly. However, I recommend my 2 infidelity products that could help- one is an ebook titled “The Little Black Book of Infidelity” and if you really want to go deeper with it, get my program- “The Infidelity Cure.” Both can be found on my website- http://www.toddcreager.com.

  • Flower77 says:

    My partner had affair with older women no kids no responsibilities. Lasted a 1 year and formed feelings wanted a new life with this women. I and my children were ready for new life without him. Something happened and he wanted a life with us . I forgive him but my trust is low and I feel like his just going to go back to his ways. I think its me that is scared of getting hurt but is it once cheater always cheater. Feel like only here because his gets free ride and if he was single he would have to pay child support, see the kids part time . I’m waiting for him to leave why I feeling Like this.

    • Todd Creager says:

      Hi Jasmin. It is not always true that once a cheater, always a cheater. However, in order for people who cheated to become trustworthy, they need to face the part of them that cheated and deal with and learn from it. If he is willing to do that inner work, then maybe he is trustworthy and that he is not just with you for selfish reasons. I am here to help if you want. You can contact me via email at todd@toddcreager.com and we can proceed from their.

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