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Interested in spicing up your next conference, workshop, seminar, or retreat? Todd Creager can speak to your group on any of his signature topics or on a related topic important to your group. During his engaging presentation, Todd encourages audience interaction with role play and questions and answers, so your group members come away smiling, energized, and ready to take action in their own lives.

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Todd’s speaking topics include:

1. Secrets To the Long Hot Marriage

As with any relationship, even marriages that start out hot cool off a bit as life goes on. Maintaining the intensity with your partner that keeps the fire burning may become a challenge, and your relationship can become tepid, boring, and even painful as the pressures of daily life overwhelm you. Todd reveals how to push past the pain of life and rediscover the deep bonds that brought you together.

2. Great Communication, Great Sex

Great sex starts at breakfast when you ask your partner to pass the toast. If you can’t communicate well with your partner on the mundane, or if your daily interactions are dry and lifeless, you may find it hard to ignite the sheets. Reconnecting with your partner and strengthening the emotional bonds between you will lead to a rekindling of your sexual bonds.

3. Success From the Inside Out: The Art of Money and Love

How you perceive yourself and others not only influences, but even limits your success. You say you want success, but may resist moving forward to grab it. Good news! You can develop perceptions that make you feel safe enough to reach out and create more success in your career, marriage, and other relationships. As you put your own fears behind you, you will find yourself becoming more receptive to others, which enable you to build relationships that that will aid your success.


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Audiences and critics agree: Todd nails the dynamics of relationships.

“Todd Creager does a wonderful job at showing you how to develop the emotional muscle and skills to overcome the challenges and obstacles to having an alive, passionate relationship. He does it in a straightforward style that challenges you to be more interpersonally creative.” – John Gray, author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus and Why Mars and Venus Collide.

Todd has been an Invited Speaker and/or Workshop Series Leader for:

  • Women’s Business Series
  • Orange Coast College Business Expo
  • The Hub City Group
  • Lee, Hecht & Harrison
  • Pinnacle One Architects
  • the American Association of Women Accountants
  • Claremont Graduate School Psychology Department
  • Anaheim Union School District
  • Supervisors at the Los Angeles County Probation Department
  • Rotary Club
  • Kiwanis and other service organizations
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Legal Professionals and more