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As an experienced marriage and sex therapist in Orange County, Todd Creager has helped countless couples meet their relationship goals and overcome obstacles including infidelity, lacking intimacy, communication barriers and more. With his office in Huntington Beach, Todd serves the Greater Irvine, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach areas in the following areas:

1) Marriage Therapy

Todd Creager specializes in helping couples increase passion and aliveness. His experiential approach gives couples the opportunity to experience connecting in healthy ways in the therapy session as well as at home. This allows couples to increase their capacity to give and receive love. In addition to his graduate training he did one year of an extensive program in sexuality through the UCLA School of Medicine.
Some of the challenges that Todd Creager had helped couples deal with include:

  • Communication Problems
  • Infidelity
  • Co-parenting Issues
  • Problems with Extended Family
  • Dealing with an Addicted Partner
  • Sexual Problems

2) Sex Therapy

The Center helps people who are having sexual difficulties and those who want to improve the quality of their sexual relationships. The sessions take place in a safe and confidential setting with Todd Creager, a trained and caring therapist. Most sexual problems can be solved in a short period of time.

Symptoms we can help with:

  • Couples who are having sexual difficulties.
  • Individuals who are having sexual difficulties.
  • Adults molested as children.
  • Patients whose sexuality have been affected by physical illness
    (diabetes, hypertension, cardiac patients, etc.).
  • Physically disabled who want to improve their sexual relationships.
  • Aging adults. – People with sexual addictions.
  • HIV positive adults.
  • Low or inhibited sexual desire
  • Erectile difficulties
  • Performance anxiety
  • Orgasmic disorders
  • Dyspareunia (Vaginal pain with intercourse)
  • Vaginismus
  • Early ejaculation
  • Retarded ejaculation
  • Sexual addictions
  • Gender identity conflicts
  • Sexual incompatibility with partner


Many people feel blocked from satisfying sexual relationships. This may be due to lack of correct information, interpersonal difficulties, physical problems or some combination of all three.

Through education, therapy and home as­signments, you will gain knowledge, insights and experiences that lead to more pleasure be­tween partners and more acceptance of your own sexuality.

  • What you can expect to gain from sessions at our center:
  • Greater clarity about the causes of your sexual challenges.
  • Greater enjoyment of your sexuality.
  • More freedom to enjoy your body’s natural ability to respond sexually.
  • An expanded and healthier view of yourself as a sexual being.
  • For addicts – healthier and ultimately more satisfying ways
    of expressing and channeling your sexual needs.
  • More satisfying relationships.

3) Individual Therapy

My work with individuals is always focused on healing and helping the client experience “more of who he (or she) is.” Most of us have the capacity to be loving, successful and joyful human beings. Our wounds of the past, conditioned fears and negative beliefs hold us back from experiencing all of who we are.This leads to us getting less than our fair share of love, good relationships, wealth as well as a deep sense of purpose. Individual therapy sessions are designed to give clients the opportunity to experience themselves in new, more empowering ways.I know that even your most self-defeating behaviors have some payoff. The “parts” of you that are self-defeating need to be understood and even accepted so that these negative patterns can be replaced with healthier ones. My way of looking at the psyche and human behavior makes it natural for me to be non-judgmental, while at the same time challenging and “caringly confrontive.”

Group Therapy and Classes

I have once again started doing couples group therapy and classes. Click on the links below to learn about the “Couples Adventurers Group” and the presentation, “Awakening the Sleeping Marriage.”

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