Want to Save Your Broken Marriage?

Get beyond the anger, blame, should we divorce stage
and back into a  happy, thriving relationship with the Infidelity Cure!

Feeling devastated, anxious, insecure, angry and like you’re losing your mind?

The Infidelity Cure clearly explains everything you’re going through and gives you a better insight into your partner’s state of mind so you can begin to heal.

This six part video series and workbook created by Todd Creager from his 30+ years working with couples in his practice is designed to help you the hurt partner and your unfaithful partner begin to understand feelings, actions and your reactions to each other.

Move past the hurt, the betrayal and save your relationship.

You’ll learn how to process the feelings you’re currently experiencing as well as broaden your perspective to understand what could have driven your partner to do what they did without making you responsible for their actions.

Todd has been amazing for the health of my marriage.

“I interviewed several therapists before choosing Todd. He has proven to be a very effective marriage counselor and life coach.

My husband and I are happier after 13 years of marriage than when we first fell in love.

I have recommended Todd to many of my friends and he has done wonders to help with infidelity, intimacy and emotional issues within their marriages as well.”

– Newport Coast, CA

You can still have the relationship of your dreams. Imagine yourself…

  • Turning towards each other instead of away from each other and being able to connect at a deeper level.
  • Being able to cope, resolve and manage your own response so that you get a better outcome than a relationship in continuous breakdown and lasting misery.
  • Experiencing more intimacy, romance and fun than when you were initially together.

Yes, you can survive and even thrive as a couple with the clear steps and practices in the Infidelity Cure.

Over the past 30 years I’ve helped thousands of clients survive with a 90% success rate and from that I developed a method of working through the hurt, the issues and blame.

Surviving Infidelity – A Success Story

In this case study I share one of my favorite surviving infidelity success stories.

I touch on 2 important points that help me to help couples stay together:

  1. Showing compassion to the injured partner.
  2. Uncovering why the infidelity happened.

Understanding that the person committing the infidelity isn’t a bad person and uncovering the issues behind the infidelity is a major factor and to help prevent affairs from happening again.

Both are important factors that help me to have a 90% success rate in my practice helping couples who need help surviving infidelity.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Infidelity Cure is the result of 30+ years of working with couples in my practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Orange County CA.  I’ve helped thousands of couples survive infidelity with a 90% success rate.  If for some reason the Infidelity Cure doesn’t work for you, I’ll gladly refund your money within 60 days of purchase

60 days?! That’s right…I want to give you enough time so you can give the Infidelity Cure a try and start seeing results that other’s have gotten.   I’m confident that the Infidelity Cure will work for you too.

Start Healing Your Relationship Today


Here’s A Few Reasons Why Saving Your Marriage Should Be Your Top Priority

At some point in your marriage, you had that spark

Early on in your relationship you had good feelings, a solid connection, passion and so on, there’s reason to believe it can be rekindled. And with the right communication skills  I show you in the Infidelity Cure, you can be closer than before.

You can’t Imagine Life Without Your Partner

If you still can remember why you initially fell in love and you just can’t picture life without them, then your relationship is definitely worth saving. You owe it to each other to try to address the underlying issues that led to the Infidelity in the first place. I uncover and address the underlying issues at the very beginning of the program and with every couple I see in my practice, doing this makes it possible to move forward and prevent affairs from happening again.

You’re both willing to do the work

Many times infidelity happens because the couple drifts apart and one party is looking for the attention that their partner isn’t giving them. If you’re both willing to work on the relationship and with each other then your relationship is definitely worth saving. I show you how step by step in the Infidelity Cure, how to get past the hurt and the blame so you can heal your marriage.

Here’s what you can expect with the Infidelity Cure:

What Causes People to Cheat
Taking a look at the “less together” side of yourself.

  • The 10 most common reasons why people cheat on their partner
  • Uncover why you or your partner was willing to take such a big risk
  • Why infidelity has everything to do with regulating your emotions

Create Healthy & Loving Strategies
Ways to feel good instead of cheating.

  • Digging deeper into what underlying beliefs caused you or your partner to cheat
  • How to change your self limiting beliefs to set yourself free
  • Exercises to help you change what negative things you’ve been telling yourself

Get the Trust Back
Coming back together as a couple.

  • Learning better ways to communicate as a couple
  • How to communicate your feelings in a constructive manner
  • Restoring Trust Checklist – being loyal isn’t enough, you’ve got to create new habits

Go From Surviving to Thriving
More sex, more fun. Leaving your comfort zone.

  • Strategies to get the sexy back into your relationship
  • Learn more about yourself and your partner leading to a deeper more satisfying relationship
  • Bringing more depth and pleasure into your relationship

Start Healing Your Relationship Today


About Todd Creager

The discovery of an affair is a terrible experience.
You need someone you can turn to for advice and support.

What if the key to creating your own amazing dream relationship is possible even after a terrible betrayal of trust, like infidelity?

That’s exactly what TODD CREAGER does for couples worldwide. As an experienced relationship therapist, specializing in marriage, sex and couples counseling

Todd has helped thousands of couples to increase intimacy, have satisfying sex and overcome and heal from infidelity.

His expertise in guiding the healing process has produced unprecedented results, a 90% success rate helping couples re-create trust, love and intimacy after the destruction of infidelity.

He is a national speaker, the guest therapist on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Infidelity Show, interviewed on Playboy Radio and is a regular contributor online to Your Tango and Dating Advice.

When you find yourself knocked out by betrayal, disappointment or depression you need to have the best in your corner, defending your heart and supporting

Todd helped me through a crisis with a significant person.

“While not a partner relationship, it was a very special relationship. Without Todd I am sure I would have made some very foolish decisions and the relationship would have been irreparably damaged.

So though his specialty is partner relationships, he is skilled at walking with you through other types of relationships as well.”

-Fountain Valley, CA

You Asked…We’ve Got Answers!

I’m not with my partner who cheated any longer, can this help me heal and move on?

Even though I created this program from couples, you can definitely benefit! Here 3 ways the infidelity cure can help:

  • You’ll be freed from the false guilt you’re feeling,
  • You’ll know what to  look for in a future partner
  • You’ll be able improve your well being as well.

Will this program work if my partner has cheated on me repeatedly?

Absolutely! Your partner has cheated repeatedly because her/she has been trying to solve a deeper emotion problem in the same dysfunctional way over and over again.

With this program you and your partner will be presented with new options for better reactions/behavior when faced with the same triggers that caused the repeated infidelity.

How is my content delivered?

Once you complete your purchase you’ll get access to it digitally online. You’ll be able to watch the videos at your leisure and download the workbook.

How long do I have access to it?

How does forever sound?! When you buy this product, you’ll have access digitally forever….

Do you offer a money back guarantee or refunds?


We offer a 60 day money back guarantee, we stand by our product as it is based upon Todd’s 30+ years of work in his practice helping thousands of couples heal from infidelity with a 90% success rate.

Start Healing Your Relationship Today