During this month of November, I will be writing about three things for your Relationship Toolkit.  These tools are 3 of the most effective ways to lift the energy of yourself, your partner and your relationship.  Next week I will be talking about your Love Language.  Credit goes to Gary Chapman who wrote the book, “The Five Love Languages.”  I have done workshops using his ideas and they were total successes.  As you learn and speak the love language of your partner (which probably is not your own), you fill up your partner with feelings of being loved, which is very fulfilling.

The week after that, I will be talking about Romance, yes with a capital “R”.  Romance is absolutely crucial for a relationship to thrive and WE ALL ARE ROMANTIC (AT LEAST IN POTENTIAL), even those of us who think we are not.  On some level, romance is a discipline and like most disciplines it gives back huge rewards.

The week after that will be Thanksgiving Day and it makes sense that I will talk about gratitude.  I will talk about gratitude in regards to your intimate relationship and how gratitude can shift your relationship in and out of the bedroom.

Speaking your partner’s love language, practicing being romantic and shifting to a state of gratitude often.  Three powerful tools for your relationship toolbox.  Stay tuned!

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