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By August 23, 2012Uncategorized

What is a “WAFIT?” you may ask? It is an acronym for Words, Actions, Feelings, Images and Thoughts. What words do you tell yourself throughout the day? Do you tell yourself that you are good enough or inadequate? Do you tell yourself that you can achieve what you want and reach your goals or that you will fail? Your self-talk contributes to how you feel and if you will succeed.

Do you act in ways that demonstrate courage and confidence or fear and insecurity? Do you act in ways that enhance or diminish your self-esteem? What feelings do you carry around in you throughout the day? Do you feel anxious or angry or calm and compassionate? Do you anticipate success or brace for failure? Do you have a vision (image) of reaching your goal; can you picture it? Or do you picture one obstacle after another? What is your mental picture of yourself? Lastly, what thoughts do you focus on-negative or positive?

What I am describing is the five building blocks of a belief. How we “WAFIT” creates the beliefs that we live by. Let us say that two people each want to start their own business. Person # 1 has constant self-doubt talk; “What makes me think that I can start a business?” Despite his desire to succeed, his self-doubt leads to holding back effective action. He procrastinates. He feels inadequate and frustrated as he anticipates failure. He has automatic images of himself making a fool of himself and not attracting positive attention. He focuses much of his attention on “doom and gloom” thoughts. This is a person who will not attract success. His automatic “WAFIT” creates the belief, “I will fail.”

Person # 2 understands the idea that he needs to pay attention to his internal world as well as do the necessary external things to start his business. He realizes that he has to become aware of his “automatic WAFIT” because there may be elements of his automatic WAFIT that interfere with optimal success. He wants to have the strong belief that he will be a success and have a flourishing, vital and enjoyable business. He can now ask himself what WAFIT will support this belief. His self-talk consists of affirmations of desired outcomes as well as statements that are self-accepting and encouraging. He acts “as if” he already is successful and takes actions that support his high expectations. He allows himself to feel successful and enjoys his positive anticipation of ever increasing wealth, customers and joy. He consciously imagines what success will look like in the upcoming months and years. He pictures satisfied customers and clients and a life balanced with work, family and recreation. He focuses on positive thoughts and acknowledges his negative thoughts but lets them pass through, just like clouds in the sky on a windy day.

You can be like person # 2. As you practice Conscious WAFITing, witness yourself becoming a success magnet- attracting not just material things, but love, friends and health. The next newsletter will focus on how to bring the best out of others including your intimate partner. Stay tuned.

Our energy elevates when we act within our preference and get our core needs met.

There is a higher energy cost to act outside out preferred temperament.

After several decades of studying, teaching and utilizing this concept of temperaments, (both in businesses and in marriages), I still get amazed how accurate and useful this model is. There is no question in my mind that utilizing this tool is a powerful way to improve teamwork and attract success into the workplace.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in learning more about this for themselves, their workplace and/or their intimate relationship.

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