How to make your marriage work and sustain it over the long haul.

Divorce Rates are Skyrocketing

With the divorce rates at 41% for first time marriages and at 60% for second marriages, it's important that you figure out how to make your marriage the best it can be.  

And from working with 1000's of couples in my private practice is really boils down to 3 things...  

So what are they and how will doing these 3 things help your marriage survive?


  • The #1 reason why people divorce and what to do so that doesn't happen to you
  • What healthy communication looks like
  • My #1 best tip for creating a Divorce Proof Marriage & Lifestyle that you can implement starting today!
  • The most powerful communication technique that will help Divorce Proof your marriage
  • How to create a sense of urgency around the importance of intimacy
  • And you'll have an opportunity to ask me anything!  

I’ve been in practice working with couples for 30+ years and have been able to help couples on the brink of divorce reconnect and fall back in love again.  

Register and join me live for the webinar. Ask me your questions, you’ll be totally anonymous on this call.

“Todd has been amazing for the health of my marriage. I interviewed several therapists before choosing Todd. 

He has proven to be a very effective marriage counselor and life coach. My husband and I are happier after 13 years of marriage than when we first fell in love. I have recommended Todd to many of my friends and he has done wonders to help with infidelity, intimacy and emotional issues within their marriages as well. I highly recommend him.”  

– Newport Coast, CA


This webinar is for YOU if you want your marriage to be passionate and sustainable for the long haul.


Wednesday May 30th

  • 10:30am Pacific
  • 11:30am Mountain
  • 12:30pm Central
  • 1:30pm Eastern

My wife and I had experienced issues for years, out of our 20 year relationship, when we contacted Todd Creager for help. Todd is the best thing that we did for our relationship….bar none.  

Todd is pragmatic, kind, intuitive and got to the heart of our issue fast. Then he constructed sensitive actions for us to slowly take. His stories, metaphors, ease of communication, clarity and examples all helped expedite our healing. We are a happier and healthier couple after Todd’s fast turnaround methodology.  

Norman Leiberman

About Your Presenter

Todd Creager Headshot

Todd Creager is an experienced relationship therapist & coach

Todd specializes in marriage, sex and couples counseling. From increasing intimacy, to a 90% success rate helping couples overcome infidelity, Todd has helped countless couples beat the issues that they face and as a result develop a deeper more satisfying relationship with their partner.  

Author of the Long Hot Marriage, and Love, Sex and Karaoke: 52 Ways to Ignite your Love Life, Todd spends much of his time helping long-term partners create passionate & thriving relationships.

Todd provides unique and powerful insights that lead to breakthroughs which result in his clients getting closer to each other and getting the love they want.