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WAFIT Worksheet

By August 15, 2010Uncategorized

What is your automatic WAFIT?

WORDS– Self and Other-Talk

What are your automatic negative self statements?  What do you say to others that limit your self-perception?


What behaviors do you do?  What is your posture, how do you look at people that contributes to the negative belief?


What are your automatic ways of feeling?


What mental picture do you hold in your head that reinforce the negative belief?


What is your reactive thinking that contributes to the negative belief?



WORDS– Affirmations- first person, present tense; declare it with feeling

ACTIONS– Act- “as if””; real pretending

FEELINGS– How would I feel if I believed what I wanted to believe?

IMAGES– Positive mental pictures in line with what you want to believe.

THOUGHTS– Intentional constructive thinking


Sum total of automatic WAFIT = negative belief

Sum total of conscious WAFIT=positive belief


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