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Why infidelity is a lonely place to be

In this video I share why infidelity is a lonely place to be.  You’ll find out why loneliness causes infidelity and a disconnection with your partner.

We live in a very image conscious society so many of us often hold back parts of ourselves because we’re afraid to share our authentic self

It’s a double edge sword…you feel like you can’t share all sides of yourself so you disconnect from your relationship.  You commit infidelity and you end up feeling more lonely because you now carrying another part of you that you can’t share.

This is a very lonely place to be…

Yes, infidelity is a lonely place to be when you are not comfortable enough to share your inner most feelings with those that you are close to.

It takes real courage to work on yourself…whether you talk things out with your partner, a friend or a therapist

I hope you connect!

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