Todd’s Thursday Thought for Relationship Bliss: Make the holidays about your ideals and values

Decide that this year the holiday season is about you expressing your deepest and highest values and ideals.

I bet that one of your highest ideals is NOT buying the best gifts for the most people.  Now let me be clear… I have nothing against you buying the best gifts for the most people, especially if that does not interfere with your HIGHEST purpose of the holidays.

For example:  If one of your highest purposes is to be more loving, then use the holiday season to be even more loving than usual to yourself and your loved ones.

If buying the best gifts for the most people leads to you being stressed out and broke, my guess is that you will suffer emotionally on some level, which can then spread to your other loved ones.  This does not sound like someone who is living his or her highest purpose through the holidays.

So make decisions that reflect your highest purpose; the meaning that YOU want to have during this season.

Think about the values that matter most to you- love, inner peace, generosity of spirit or whatever it is you value.  These decisions include who you spend time with, what you do, where you go, how and what you buy, how many people you invite over for Thanksgiving, etc.

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