Todd’s Thursday Thought for Relationship Bliss: Experience Something New Together

Find some new experience you could do as a couple this weekend. 

Here are three examples to get you thinking about trying something new:

Find a social dance class, don’t worry about how good a dancer you are.

Go to a karaoke bar and sing a duet together, don’t worry about how good a singer you are.

Rent a kayak for two, don’t worry about if you don’t know how to kayak.

Whatever you choose to do with your partner this weekend, get comfortable with stretching past your comfort zone. 

It’s good for you and your relationship to stretch and get out of routines.

If you end up liking what you did, you can do it again or take a class.  My wife and I suggested that a couple start taking western swing classes years ago and now they are consistently the US Open champions in swing for the 50 and over crowd.  We are now taking dance lessons from them.  So you may even find some undiscovered skill.  And if you don’t, then be like the rest of us and just enjoy new dimensions of experience with your partner.

Here’s to getting the love you want!

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