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The Perfect (Offbeat) Date For Your Mate

I hope that you find much of my writing thought provoking and profound. This article is not about being profound; it is what I hope it creatively pragmatic and suggestive of a few things you can do this week with your beloved! But hopefully a little different than the typical (which is perfectly ok) dinner with a movie experience. I hope you find one of these ideas perfect for you and your partner. Or maybe with a modification you can make it into the perfect date and tailor it to the two of you. Here are seven ideas for you to do this week (or at the latest next week). Yes – do it sooner than later!

1) Get a couple of bottles of bubble stuff and the two of you go up on the roof and blow bubbles. You can always go to a park or the top of a tall building instead and blow bubbles there.

2) Dress up formally to go your favorite (or maybe in your case least disliked) fast food place.

3) Sit in the car with your lover as you are going through a car wash. Let your partner know that you know where there is a tunnel of love and that there is water involved before you go – to build it up. Enjoy the waterfall, a few private moments together and get your car cleaned at the same time.

4) Go on a date on a hot air balloon. There are a number of places usually within an hour or two where you can rent them out.

5) Here is a great surprise date: Set up this surprise by playing the song of one of your lover’s favorite groups. Ask a seemingly off the cuff question – Do you think (the artist’s name) is as good live as on a recording? After your mate responds, pop out tickets to that recording artist and announce, “Well, let’s go see them. Go get dressed!

6) If you have such an opportunity, have a horse drawn carriage waiting to take your date and you to the destination of your choice. Like the old saying says, it is not the destination but the journey that matters the most!

7) Kidnap your spouse for a breakfast date – right out of bed if possible. (Let your lover get dressed of course). If you have kids, make sure you have arranged a babysitter to come in advance or wait until your mother-in-law is sleeping over and is in on the plan. Doing it on a weekday is even better if you could arrange to come in later to work.

In a month where I have talked about romance, what better way to take it to the next level by discussing what I think are cool, creative things you could do to add a lot of romance into the intimate air. Enjoy!!!

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