Better Sex

Great Communication, Great Sex CD and Companion Workbook

Once you start communicating effectively, the sky’s the limit on your relationship. Get ready for your breakthrough with a copy of my Better Communication, Better Sex CD and workbook, PLUS 30 minutes of personal coaching with me.

Start talking to your partner and watch the temperature rise to the point where there’ll be no more talking for the night!



Long Hot Marriage

Long Hot Marriage CD


Becoming A Success Magnet

Wouldn’t it be empowering to have the Midas touch in real life where you eliminate your money problems and turn your every venture into a successful one? Though you can’t transform your life and business with a magic wand or a touch of your finger, it might seem like you can if you have the right mindset

In this 30-minute audio/ visual presentation I gave at a Women’s Business Conference, I discuss how to work with your inner energy to attract success. Once you learn how take care of yourself and understand your internal mindset, you will be amazed at how success comes to you. This DVD comes with a useful handout to reinforce what you watch.


Bring Out the Best of Others

This is an information-packed 53 minute CD on how to have success at home or at work by creating phenomenal relationships -Learn how to interrupt negative patterns and shift relationships into a higher gear.

  • Why relationship problems are inevitable.
  • The four necessary beliefs for successful relationships.
  • How to create a relationship that allows for healing childhood wounds which in turn allows for people to reach their potential.
  • How to increase emotional flexibility.
  • The 4 essential inner resources.
  • Creative relationship building.
  • The 3 keys to being an effective communication receiver.
  • The 3 keys to being an effective communication transmitter.



The Long Hot Marriage Book

The book, “The Long, Hot Marriage” is all about creative relating-out of the bedroom and ultimately in the bedroom. From being creative and imaginative in how you perceive your partner to creatively and maturely dealing with emotional pain, you can develop a strong emotional connection to each other which forms the foundation of a passionate, long-term relationship. With this foundation in place, you can create a romantic, sexually creative relationship, use your sexual relationship for spiritual and emotional growth and increase your capacity to give and receive love and pleasure.


Finding Life's Passion

Finding Life’s Passion

Book “Finding Life’s Passion” From the Best-Selling Series-Wake Up…Live the Life You Love. Todd Creager is a contributing coauthor along with some notable people such as Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Lou and Carla Ferrigno, and Wyland (the well known artist).

The book is filled with useful nuggets of information that can inspire and teach you how to find your passion and have more success and fulfillment. Todd Creager’s particular contribution is titled, “Interpersonal Creativity: The Art of Bringing the Best Out of Others.”