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Todd’s foundation products will help you build and deepen your relationships. Then he mixes it up and offer some useful combinations of products and coaching. Whichever package you buy, you can develop a hot and sexy relationship with your partner.

Featured Item

Infidelity Cure

Get beyond the anger, blame, should we divorce stage and back into a  happy, thriving relationship with the Infidelity Cure.

Todd developed the Infidelity Cure to help you survive and even thrive as a couple from his 30+ years of helping couples with an unprecedented 90% success rate.

Stop struggling, start healing and save your relationship.

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The Little Black Book on Infidelity

The Little Black Book On Infidelity

Heal yourself, move on and even thrive in the same relationship after an affair.

Todd’s expertise in guiding the healing process has produced unprecedented results, a 90% success rate helping couples recreate trust, love and intimacy after the destruction of infidelity.

Be able to forgive and move on with your life in a healthy, positive way

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Love, Sex, & Karaoke

This book is designed to keep you on your romantic, sexy edge.

It assists you in reaching your interpersonal potential. Why settle for a boring, routine intimate relationship when you can take that same relationship and turn it into a stimulating, love-filled, joyful experience?

Applying these 52 ways could significantly improve your relationship. The idea is for you to have the kind of relationship with your intimate partner that you dream about

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The Long Hot Marriage

Passionate Sex and Long-Term Relationships Truly Go Together

The Long, Hot Marriage is a book that can convince you that long term relationships and passionate sex actually do go together. This best selling book will help you awaken the sleeping marriage, not only in the bedroom but outside of it as well.

“Wow! What a terrific book on marriage and sexuality. This book gets right to the point, no fluff, just powerful and effective information and suggestions. His real life examples were immensely helpful and interesting. My Wife and I are already benefiting from what we have learned.” – Kerri L.

The Long Hot Marriage Book is an outgrowth of what has worked in Todd’s own marriage and with the couples he has helped over the 30 years he has been in private practice.

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Finding Life’s Passion

Finding Life’s Passions is an anthology of useful suggestions on living a passion-filled, successful life from authors such as Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Lou and Carla Ferrigno, and Wyland (the well known artist).

My contribution, Interpersonal Creativity: The Art of Bringing the Best Out of Others, stresses that we have the power through our perceptions, speech and behavior to evoke in others the very thing we want from them. This is true for our partners, coworkers, family members and friends.

Audio Programs

The Long Hot Marriage CD

The companion CD to my best selling The Long Hot Marriage.

Bringing Out the Best of Others

Relationships are less like highways than city streets. While you may have stretches where you and your coworkers, you and your friends, or you and your significant other effortlessly motor on, you may encounter bumps in the road, detours, unexplained traffic slowdowns, and more to get to you off course or off schedules. Your GPS may warn you of traffic slowdowns and hazards, but relationships seldom have such clear-cut ways of announcing the problems that are inevitable anytime people with different life experiences, backgrounds, and personalities come together.

In my 53 minute Bringing Out the Best in Others CD, I discuss how to create successful relationships at home and at work by becoming both a better communication receiver and transmitter. Through examples from companies and couples I have worked with, I show you how to creatively build your relationship

Healthy Communication
with your Partner

When partners communicate, it is not all done calmly in “inside voices.” Discussions may get hot and heavy, with the aftermath being steamy makeup sex or hard-to-mend damage. When an argument about what’s happening today veers back into the past, drudging up old resentments, the “openness” can drive a wedge between partners, not bring them closer.My audio download Healthy Communication With Your Partner dissects the concept of “fighting fair” and offers examples of how to be healthy and constructive while clearing the air.


Becoming A Success Magnet

Wouldn’t it be empowering to have the Midas touch in real life where you eliminate your money problems and turn your every venture into a successful one? Though you can’t transform your life and business with a magic wand or a touch of your finger, it might seem like you can if you have the right mindset

In this 30-minute audio/ visual presentation I gave at a Women’s Business Conference, I discuss how to work with your inner energy to attract success. Once you learn how take care of yourself and understand your internal mindset, you will be amazed at how success comes to you. This DVD comes with a useful handout to reinforce what you watch.


The Hot Marriage Package

You will receive The Long Hot Marriage in hard copy and on CD, PLUS 30 minutes of personal coaching with me.

No matter how you learn best – by reading, listening, or conversing – this package will help you to heat up your marriage by building or refueling the intimacy that leads to great sex.

Communication Package

Communication both verbal and non verbal is one of the most important skills a couple need to develop in their relationship.  When you and your partner have mastered this you will experience more passion and fire in your relationship.
Learn how you can re-ignite the fire and create a positive seismic shift in your intimate relationship with the Communication Package.  Here’s what you will get:

  • Better Communication Better Sex Audio Download
  • Better Communication Better Sex Companion Workbook
  • 30 minute coaching session with Todd in his office or via Skype to help guide you through the process

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