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Time to get a little out there this weekend… 

Have fun with this: Create a song for your lover. It could be short; write down some lyrics that are romantic, loving and/or appreciative and put some music to it. The music could be either your own original score (could be the start of a new career for you) or find some other song you already like and match your lyrics to the music. Rehearse it a bit and perform if for her by Sunday night. (You don’t even have to tell her or him it as my idea).

Here is a variation on that theme; something I did for my wife many years ago. Go to a karaoke place and see if there is a way they could record you doing some love songs for your partner. You or the studio could easily burn a cd and give it to her or him as a gift. I did that and it was great; my voice was not near as good as I thought it was (actually I was pretty bad!) and my wife and I had a few good laughs but it really had a positive effect on her and she loved the effort!

Here’s to getting the love you want!

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