Five Signs You are in a Toxic or Draining Relationship

This post is introducing my series on toxic relationships

Of course intimate relationships can be toxic; however, everything I’m sharing this month can be applied to any personal, social or work relationships.

What do I mean by toxic?

When you are with that person, he or she acts or speaks in a way that drains or depletes your energy or inflames you.  Of course, we have to factor out normal relationship challenges that can be tiring; for example the occasion spat with a spouse or the common exhausting experience of children defying you.

Toxicity is more about the other person not being able or willing to perceive and treat you like a worthy separate human being with different needs and desires than him/her.

Here are 5 signs you are in a toxic or draining relationship:

  1. You always feel on edge around this person, as if you can never do anything right.
  2. You feel so lonely around this person because you feel so misunderstood and there is no attempt on his part to try understanding you or empathize with you.
  3. You are very critical on yourself when with this person; significantly more harsh with yourself than with other people.
  4. This person’s life seems to revolve only around his feelings and what makes him comfortable and he hardly ever leaves his comfort zone to please you.
  5. You realize that you have stopped doing the things that thrill YOUR soul such as being with your good friends or doing activities that are invigorating.

Here’s to getting the love you want!

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