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The theme in July is Sexuality Through the Years. Today I start with sexuality in your 20’s. The 20’s are rich with opportunities for sexual learning and experiences. These young adults, while enjoying their sexuality, need to make intelligent choices such as the following.

  1. Practice birth control and safe sex. It is a time to enjoy the present without sacrificing your future!
  2. Make good choices of sexual partners. If you are being promiscuous, you may want to get some therapy to discover what is underlying this behavior.
  3. Have boundaries. Kissing does not necessarily mean that you need to have sexual intercourse or oral sex. Do what you feel is right for you.
  4. Learn about sex, what good sex is and even the mechanics. There is much to learn and be open-minded.
  5. Ideally, I recommend to women to follow the three c’s rule which means- no penetration of any kind unless there is commitment, consistency and caring.
  6. Young men need to respect the wishes of their partner and not expect to automatically get what they want sexually.
  7. Learn to be generous in the bedroom. Listen to what your partner wants as well as ask for what you want.

I enjoy working with young people and those that come to see me for relationships issues, including premarital counseling, will save themselves from a lot of pain later on.

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