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Does your business lose productivity and profit due to underachieving employees or coworkers? Is too much time and energy devoted to coping with politics and/or work conflict at the expense of creativity and progress?

  • Do you have a desire to have your company go from “good to great?”
  • Would you like to have optimal teamwork, with everybody contributing and feeling vital to the overall goals of the organization?
  • Do you want to lift the overall morale of the organization?
  • Do you want to understand your employees’ and coworkers’ core needs for peak performance as well each individual’s special talents that could add to your bottom line?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, Todd Creager could bring quick results to your business. He has an ability to help leaders, managers and subordinates to rethink and reframe their work situations and problems so that solutions can be more easily found. He has had over 2 decades of experience at helping people interrupt unhelpful patterns and behaviors and help them shift into more constructive perceptions and behaviors. He has saved organizations much money and hardship.

Creative Leadership-What is necessary?

A) Imagination
B) Thinking outside the box
C) Vision
D) Self-discipline
E) Courage
F) Curiosity, a sense of inquisitiveness

He helps leaders access and develop these inner resources to become extraordinary leaders. Services include one or more of the following:

  • One on one coaching with leaders and executives
  • Group trainings both didactic and experiential to increase emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Assessing leadership and/or staff to determine temperament, type and interaction style (Myers-Briggs) for improved teamwork and peak performance
  • Working with dyads and other sub-groups as necessary
  • Classes in communication, team-building and stress management

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