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We all have muscles but going to the gym works out those muscles and the muscles can increase in size and strength.  Likewise, we all are romantic, yes- even you engineers! and you need to work out your romantic muscles.  Here is the way to start working out your romantic muscles – Find out what thrills your partner’s soul.  What will make your partner thrilled if you said or did some particular thing?   Is it writing a heartfelt poem, initiating a date, sending her or him a sexy text?  There are many ways to be romantic because there are many things you can say or do that could lift your partner’s spirits.

As a married man, I have made the decision that it is MY JOB TO THRILL MY WIFE’S SOUL on some consistent basis.  I would suggest that you make the same decision.  And why not?  You can claim your interpersonal power.  Don’t wait to be “in the mood” or when you feel like being romantic.  Put a smile on your partner’s face and let your feelings follow.  It’s not complicated.   I would write more but I think I’m going to ask my wife to dance instead!  I’ll write more next week.  Enjoy being romantic!

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