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Relationship Mastery: Have the Connection You Long For

Relationship Mastery connection

In one month, I will launch a brand new online program…Relationship Mastery: Have the Connection You Long For.

The main theme of this 3-month program is that you have the resources, ability and creative power to build a loving, pleasurable and passionate relationship with your partner- whether it is your current partner or your partner of the future.  This month I will be discussing different aspects of relationship mastery such as:

  • Removing Blocks to Love
  • Increasing your love for yourself
  • Bringing the best out of others
  • Being a master communicator
  • Becoming a great lover

Check out  (and enroll in) this powerful program at www.toddcreager.com/relationshipmastery.   Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Also, I am doing a free webinar on the program (which will be recorded if you cannot make it live) on Wednesday, March 21st at 10 AM Pacific.

Today, let me briefly discuss removing blocks to love.

We all have blocks to love and they are often such a part of us that we don’t notice it.  Our capacity for giving and receiving love is usually in proportion to how much love our TRUE SELF-received growing up.  Our true self is that self that had a natural wonder about the world and ourselves.  Our true self is free to follow our instincts and express our feelings.

Many of us grew up in families that in one way or the other constrained parts of our true self.

For example, if you grew up in a chaotic family (i.e.- alcoholic parent or stressed out inconsistent mother), you may have had to adapt to this turmoil by leaving out parts of your psyche.  You may not have been able to express your childhood desires because you had to be so responsible and prematurely grown up.  In this scenario, there is a good chance that you grew up into an adult who had difficulty receiving love for just “being” who you are.  You may have felt the need to over-give to be loved and not abandoned.  This becomes a block to love.  And there are many variations on this theme.

Here is the good news.

You have the ability to reclaim the lost parts of your true self.  You have the internal resources to expand your capacity to give and receive love.  Like unkinking a kink in a hose, you can (with good guidance and support) unkink those blocks to love.  You can become more of who you are.

This is what I do every day in my private practice and this is what I will assist you in my Relationship Mastery Program.

Again, see the details at www.toddcreager.com/relationshipmastery.  I am here to help you create the connection you long for!

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