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This is recycling of a previous Thursday thought. I chose this one because I feel that it is very important to be playful and adventurous with your partner.

Sexy Game

 This weekend, play a stripping game with your partner.

Come up with some trivia questions what you each believe your partner has at least a chance of knowing the answer to.

Make sure that you know the answer.

If your partner answers the question right, you take off an article of clothing.  (Make sure you have enough articles of clothing to make the game last a while).

If your partner gets the answer wrong, he or she has to take off an article of clothing.  What you do when one of you is totally naked is totally up to you!

And one more thing I would like to let you know about:

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The Self-Love Secret

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If this resonates with you, I encourage you to listen in. There is no better mission than the one to spread love.

This is our gift to you. Say yes to yourself, and join me for this transformational free event. Your life is sure to shift into that love you have always known was possible.

Here’s to Getting the Love You Want!


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