Meditation, Marriage and other Miscellaneous Matters

Meditation, Marriage and other miscellaneous matters

The Benefits of Developing a meditation practice

Wednesday night is my Yoga/Meditation class night.  Wednesday nights I notice how I handle interpersonal issues with my wife so much more lovingly.  I handle my emotions more effectively and it takes so much more to get me stressed.   I remember a few classes where I was angry with my wife over some matter in the beginning of class and I saw her and our situation totally differently at the end of class.  Instead of anger, there was love and compassion.  These moments help me see that all interpersonal strife comes from states of mind.  If one or both people evoke a relaxation response inside their bodies, instead of strife and conflict, there can be resolution and peace.

I also do some Yoga/meditation on most other days as well.  The class is an hour but even my 10-minute (sometimes more) Yoga/meditation independent sessions give me a healthy mindset.  As my Yoga teacher says:

“You don’t HAVE to do Yoga or meditation; just do it on days where you want to feel good”!”

I love doing the practice because I love how I feel and I love how I treat others.  Never once have I got annoyed with a bad driver on the way back from my Wednesday evening class.  I just am thankful that I am ok and move on.  There is no reason to waste time being stressed when I feel so good.

So I highly recommend doing a meditation practice.  Yoga as well as T’ai Chi are moving meditation practices.  The key thing is healthy rhythmic breathing and focus.  We all have that ability to calm and balance out our nervous system.   When we do that, we are more loving and compassionate and see the ridiculousness of our hyperreactive world we live in.

There are also ample studies that talk about the health benefits of meditation.  I have many great ideas that have led to more business success after evoking a relaxation response due to meditating.  The benefits are numerous and substantiated by research as well as my own personal experience.

There are many ways to start this kind of practice including many meditation and Yoga classes, great books and even You Tube videos showing easy to learn simple techniques.  Please feel free to let me know about your own meditation experience and how it has benefited you in your relationships and life overall.

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