Reviews for Orange County Marriage Therapist Todd Creager

Happy Couple

Todd Creager is an experienced marriage and sex therapist in Orange County – helping couples all around the Newport Beach & Newport Coast, Laguna Beach, Corona del Mar, Irvine, Seal Beach and Long Beach areas.  He is committed to helping couples overcome many common issues through regular counseling, couples retreats, and increasing communication and passion in their relationships.

Here from some of Todd’s clients around the Orange County area, and contact him for information about marriage therapy and counseling.

“Todd magically and with acute awareness of all of the details brought my family back together. My husband and I had been struggling with a major family issue for almost 4 years and after 10 hours of intensive counseling, my mom is back in our life in a more connected and loving way than I ever thought possible. Todd’s style is razor sharp and yet gentle keeping in mind that everyone comes from their own place with their own experience. I got my mom back and I am forever grateful.”

Long Beach, CA

“Todd has been amazing for the health of my marriage. I interviewed several therapists before choosing Todd. He has proven to be a very effective marriage counselor and life coach. My husband and I are happier after 13 years of marriage than when we first fell in love. I have recommended Todd to many of my friends and he has done wonders to help with infidelity, intimacy and emotional issues within their marriages as well. I highly recommend him.”

– Newport Coast, CA

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“I am a walking ambassador for Todd Creager.

I have been married for 24 years. In November of 2014, I hit bottom. I needed help. Actually, I needed help for some time; but being a man, I thought I could handle my problem. The emotional turmoil was getting worse not better. My wife had become collateral damage from my emotional volatility. I could not live with that anymore, so I decided to get help.

I found Todd through a LinkedIn contact. I explained my situation and he told me that he could help me. I connected to his confidence and his direct no-nonsense approach.

Todd helped me understand that to correct the problem I created in my marriage; I first had to understand the relationship I had with myself. Yes, Todd is a counselor; but from the first session, I felt as if I were talking to a guide who would walk with me during my transformation. Much like Virgil is to Dante when he descended into Hell.

There was work to be done and sometimes the revelation was not pretty. Every session concluded with an action item to modify my thinking or behavior. He also helped me realize that I was always moving towards my most dominant thought and that we are not aware of our limiting beliefs or self-destructive thinking. Todd helped me to see my limiting beliefs and I have been working hard to change them.

Todd also says that marriage is a 200 percent commitment. Both husband and wife need to be committed 100 percent. That being said he also helped me understand that all I can do is control my attitude and my behavior.

After 10 sessions, I felt that we had identified all the issues that were creating marital turmoil and that I have the tools to have a better relationship with myself, my wife, and my children. I now see Todd on a monthly basis as a life coach, which brings me to my next point.

As men, we don’t want to let anyone know that we don’t have all the answers, or that we don’t have our shit together. Especially other men. But that is a mistake because I don’t know what I don’t know. After going through this process, I highly recommend that any man at any age find other men to walk with through this journey of life. We are all gifted and all have something to share.

That being said my sessions with Todd are the single best gift I have given myself. I do know that all men have said:’I wish I had someone to talk to’ Give yourself a gift and call Todd.”

-Huntington Beach, CA

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“Todd saved my marriage! He is down to earth, very straight forward and concise. My wife and I highly recommend him!”

– Long Beach, CA

“Todd is awesome. Been working with him for a couple weeks and it’s amazing what a difference he has made on the way I see things.  Talk about an “a ha” moment. I’ll admit, I never thought I would need couples therapy because I thought I could fix everything. By going to Todd, he’s helped me understand how to see the other persons perspective and not live in only my “orbit”. I appreciate all of the help and looking forward to building on a healthy and successful relationship with my girl.”

-Huntington Beach, CA

“Information shared is very beneficial…I have had 2 phone sessions with you that were very helpful…”

-Chicago, IL

 “Todd helped me through a crisis with a significant person. While not a partner relationship, it was a very special relationship. Without Todd I am sure I would have made some very foolish decisions and the relationship would have been irreparably damaged. So though his specialty is partner relationships, he is skilled at walking with you through other types of relationships as well.”

-Fountain Valley, CA

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“Todd is a very insightful individual who is passionate about his career in helping couples have remarkably loving and successful relationships. I always recommend Todd because of his passion, integrity and strong knowledge and understanding of the concepts for successful relationships.”

-Huntington Beach, CA

“Todd is amazing at getting to the root of relationship issues. He’s honest and welcoming, always accommodating with a smile and great sense of humor.”

-Huntington Beach, CA

“Todd is a wonderful professional who has exceptional skills and cares about his clients. I appreciate his integrity and ability to assist clients create the relationships they truly want to have.”

-Riverside, CA

The Long Hot Marriage

Todd is somebody who lives by his words and has integrity. He is compassionate yet straight-forward. Todd is a great teacher on relationships.

-Mission Viejo, CA

“I definitely recommend Todd as an exceptional therapist and outstanding human being!”

-Newport Beach, CA

“Todd is tops! He’s a great teacher – and example – of wonderful relationships!”

-Los Angeles, CA