Uncover Your (and His/Her) Love Language and Speak It!

Saturday February 16th 9:00 to 1:00pm PT

Balboa Bay Club:  Newport Beach California


Instead of putting energy out towards your partner and not feeling appreciated enough or not getting the results you want in terms of positive impact, what about finding what it truly is that sparks your partner and then making it happen?  Likewise, what if you were to truly get in touch with what sparks you and learn how to ask in such a way that you get it from your partner?

This 4 hour workshop will help you achieve this. It is based loosely on the book- The Five Love Languages, yet it will be more specific and very tailored to people in the workshop.

When you leave the workshop, here is what you will have:

1)     An understanding of exactly what your partner needs as well as what you need from your partner AT this point in time to nourish each other and exponentially improve the relationship.

2)     An understanding of the blocks (if you did not have them, it would be a lot easier but I will help you get clear on these blocks)

3)     Ways to overcome the blocks and be successful

4)     Increased emotional and intellectual understanding of what it truly takes to be that lover by hearing others as well as you go through this wonderful process

5)     Renewed excitement about your relationship.

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This is a workshop for couples only whether heterosexual or homosexual.  Be ready to have major breakthrough in these short 4 hours that will fly by but you will remember forever.  Price- $197 per couple; For people in this class, if you commit by February 12th, you get $100 off so the price is $97 for the couple.  If you commit (by paying) and something happens where you cannot come and give me a week’s notice, you get your full money back.

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