As the author of my first book, “The Long Hot Marriage,” I was implying that long-term marriages could be passionate and alive.  We all know (and maybe some know all too well), that as a relationship continues, patterns, regularity and consistency set in.  Some of that is good but it could lead to boredom and an “energetic aging” of the relationship.

We need to put energy into our relationship to keep it new and fresh and I will say- even youthful.  I worked out today and I work out consistently and my 57-year old body feels pretty youthful- at least for the moment!  The same can happen for your relationship.

Here are 5 things you can do to keep your relationship youthful and new:

1)   Bring out your sexiness. I don’t care how old you are, how fit you are, etc.  Wherever you are at, bring out your sexy!  Wear something sexy, act sexy and talk sexy (to your partner I mean).

2)   Flirt with your partner.  Send a flirtatious text maybe even if it is the first thing in the morning upon awakening, (even if your partner is lying next to you).

3)   Take turns planning a date once a week; one week you and one week your partner.

4)   Take dance lessons and go dancing with your partner.  This is almost guaranteed to keep your relationship young.

5)   Kiss and make out a lot.

Do these 5 things consistently and you will never get relationship atherosclerosis!

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