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How to overcome your dysfunctional family

Think you might have a dysfunctional family or wondering how to overcome yours?

In this video Todd shares how to recognize if your family is dysfunctional.  And he shares some insightful tips that will help you change your self sabotaging behaviors.

So grab a piece of paper, watch this short video, jot down a few notes then practice what Todd tells you to do and free yourself from your dysfunctional family.

Not 100% sure you have a dysfunctional family?

I highly recommend this article I wrote about the 7 signs you were raised in a dysfunctional family.

Or, if you know you have a dysfunctional family or toxic relationship and you need help breaking free from? Please contact me, I’d love to help!

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  • Ja says:

    You are just fabulous. I’ve been checking out your stuff for a little while and I feel so thankful that there are ones like you so well-rounded and Balanced in belief and system and helpful. I love the brain and the amazing things it can do. Therapy and psychology are a passion of mine. With the exception of evolutionist based thinking , because I feel there’s too much evidence of intelligent design , our blood pumping and our eyes blinking as we sit now without even thinking about it for example, I have utmost respect for you and your work. I am so happy for your wife and you celebrating 33 + years. I would love to come talk with you when I am able. I would like to bring my friend but he is not very willing unless I pay for it. I don’t mind of course because although difficult for me financially , a healthy mind and interaction with others is so worth it to me. It just takes a while to replenish funds and to get him to be agreeable and then follow thru is quite difficult.
    I’d really appreciate your opinion on a letter I wrote to him. I didn’t send it tho because I wasn’t sure that I worded it correctly. I don’t want to sound like I’m attacking. I oftenmy faults ,as no one is perfect , yet I constantly and consistently try to work on myself. If you are available Mr. Creager to take a look at it please let me know.
    Once again thank you for the helpful, pointed and well researched information you bring to others.
    Thank you very much!
    JA Ro

    • Todd Creager says:

      Hi Ja. Sorry for the very delayed response! I have to do a better job at responding to people like you who take the time to comment. Maybe we should even schedule one session and I could look at your letter if it is not too late. I am here. Feel free to contact me at todd@toddcreager.com or (714) 848-2288.

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