How to Make Your Spouse Young and Sexy Again

How to Make Your Spouse Young and Sexy Again

Research has shown the power of relationships on one’s health and mental health. Relationships that are nurturing and compassionate lead to the flowing of healthy hormones and bodily chemicals.  On the other hand, I know that I have said far more than once- “Wow, look at that person, he (or she) has had a hard life.”  What makes me say that?  It is usually when I see that someone seems older than his or her years; more wrinkles and just an overall look of someone who has had a lot of chronic stress.

We don’t usually think in terms of how we can bring out the youth and sexiness of our partner, but it is probably as important a factor as other important lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise.  Do an experiment in your own relationship.  Notice your partner’s general looks.  Then commit to be genuinely attentive and affectionate for the next week.   Make loving your partner, going out of the way for your partner, being romantic with your partner- your number one priority.  Think about what you will do or say on the way home from work or wherever you are coming from.  See if after one week of this your partner looks any different to you.

Happiness is far less expensive than plastic surgery.   When you put your partner’s happiness high on your priority list, you will evoke a shift in attitude and perspective.  Integrative physicians such as Michel Roizen and Deepak Chopra all state how healthy relationships create healthy bodies.  As a USC professor, I teach to my graduate students about telomeres, which are regions of DNA at the end of a chromosome that protect the DNA strands from unraveling just like a shoelace tip protects a shoelace from unraveling.  There has been shown to be links between the length of the telomeres and longevity and research has also shown that loving relationships affect the size of these telomeres.  So, there is increasing scientific research that shows how loving relationships can reduce inflammation and slow down the aging process.

So, if you catch yourself complaining even silently about your partner’s looks or changes as he or she ages do your part and slow down the aging process.  Bring back his or her youth and sexiness.  Challenge yourself to do the weeklong test and see what you observe.  Go all in- no holding back!   That is the only way to do an accurate test.  And please let me know your results.  Pay attention to detail.  You might not make your 50-year-old spouse look like 23, but you will have a positive impact.

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