How to eliminate stress and become more resilient: Part 1

Couple showing how to eliminate stress with relaxation

7 Tips to Work with Your Body to Eliminate Stress and Become More Resilient

I thought a great way to end 2017 is with a 2-part article on stress and resilience.  Whether or not you are reading this at the end of 2017 or at any time of the year these tips where I show you how to eliminate stress and become more resilient are timeless.

According to an Internet definition, resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  We all have difficulties and this time of year, as wonderful and celebratory as it is, it could be quite stressful.  

So just how can YOU recover quickly from stress and become more resilient?  

Here are 7 tips to recover quickly from stress.

Tip #1:  Breathe.  

As one of my mentors repeatedly said- “You can breathe through anything.”  

We know that a stress reaction to difficulties ignites our fight or flight sympathetic nervous system which raises our cortisol and slows down our recovery from these difficult moments.  Breathe in to your stomach and breathe out, all the way out.  Slightly pause after each inhale and exhale.

Tip #2:  Notice your automatic tension starting with your face and soften.  

Let go.  Let your facial muscles rest.  

Then go down slowly from head to toe noticing the holding of tension and then allowing the muscles in that particular part of the body rest.

Tip #3:  Tune in to your senses even amidst challenging circumstances.

Notice the flowers, (I know that sounds corny and cliché but it really helps), listen to relaxing music, taste your food fully, feel the warm water on your hands when washing them and smell something pleasant.  

This focusing on your senses keeps you in the present moment, which helps you calm down your nervous system and realize that you are not in immediate danger even in the difficult situation.

Tip #4:  Move your body.  

A body in motion for even 30 minutes a day will keep that body more resilient to stress.  

Exercise, yoga, T’ai Chi, dancing and even skipping will remind you that your body can feel good.  Just pick one thing that you enjoy and do it.  Get your body moving and you’ll notice that you’ll start feeling better.

Tip #5:  Go to bed earlier.  

Especially in tough times, early sleep will fortify your body, including your immune system and calm your mind.  

Have good sleep hygiene meaning that you should shut off all electronics an hour before bedtime. Pick at least one of the first 4 tips from this list to help get you ready for a healthy night of sleep.

Tip #6:   Eat well.  

I am not a nutritionist so I will keep it simple.  Eat less sugar and eat more nutritious foods.  I remember a nutritionist said it simply to me.  Some foods give you energy and some foods drain your energy since the body has to get rid of the “bad stuff.”  

Eating well keeps your body from overworking to rid itself of the stuff it needs to eliminate and replenishes your energy that you need to live your life.

Tip #7:   Get a massage.  

Massages can counteract the effects of stress that you have accumulated and reset your relaxation level.   Acupuncture and other alternative healthcare treatments can also be very helpful.

In the next article, I will discuss some tips to use your mind to help you be more resilient.  Enjoy the life and be resilient!

Leave your comments below…I’d love to  hear which one of these tips where I showed you how to eliminate stress and become more resilient helped you!


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