When infidelity happens, we think if it as the person who had the affair cheated ON his or her partner. And of course that is true!

However, I can show you how the cheater cheats him or herself.

But firstly, ask yourself if you know someone who cheated who did not make his or her life worse on some level. Or maybe you might have cheated in the past- did you lose out on that choice you made. I would strongly bet that you or whoever it is DID LOSE OUT.

Here are 5 ways that cheaters cheat themselves:

  1. You suffer from the stress and guilt of keeping a secret. You are thereby cheating yourself out of a more peaceful existence.
  2. You cannot fully enjoy either the relationship with the person you are cheating on or the relationship with the person you are cheating with. Both are not real relationships based on full trust and a full celebration of the union between 2 people. So you are depriving yourself of that full celebration.
  3. f you have children, something changes for you. You do not enjoy the kids as much because you know that you are not only betraying your partner but on some real level, you are betraying them. You are cheating yourself out of the joys of parenting.
  4. You do not feel good about yourself. You are cheating yourself out of higher self-esteem.
  5. You cannot truly do the more fulfilling work of developing the kind of connection with your “committed partner” because your energies are now split. You cheat yourself out of the best chance for a phenomenal committed long-term relationship.

There you have it. Everyone loses with infidelity.

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  • Orlando says:

    Been saying this for years. One more. As former cheater can tell you that you see all future partners (if you separate) as potential cheaters. You experience trust issues.

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