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What it takes to have a thriving healthy relationship with expert Stan Tatkin

couple in a happy healthy relationship

Just what does it take to have a thriving healthy relationship?  I am talking to renowned relationship expert Stan Tatkin about his perspective on this subject.

Stan Tatkin is one of those couple therapists that I respect and admire.

He is a passionate and effective couples therapist but beyond that he is a great trainer for therapists.  I have personally heard him speak and he brings a lot of knowledge to the table.  He is a coauthor of one of the textbooks I use to teach my USC graduate students, titled “Love and War in Intimate Relationships.”

I have been interviewing people from time to time who I believe will add to your knowledge and improve your life.

This is another one of those interviews.

In this particular dialogue, we discuss what it takes to have a thriving, healthy relationship.  We also discuss his psychobiological approach and the importance of couples creating safety and trust between them.

Watch, enjoy and be informed!

Have questions or comments about what it takes to have a thriving healthy relationship?  Please leave your comments and I’ll be sure to answer them!

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