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Gratefulness Can Make you Healthy, Wealthy and Sexy

By November 2, 2017Long Hot Marriage
Gratefulness Can Make you Healthy, Wealthy and Sexy

So, the number one self-healing thing I do is not healthy eating and not exercise.  It is practicing being grateful.  I even am practicing gratefulness right now as I sit having just watched my team; the LA Dodgers lose in the 7th game of a World Series.  Now that takes some doing!  Why is being grateful so important?

Feeling grateful leads to your blood vessels dilating, your cortisol lowering, and your muscles relaxing.  A grateful person feels safe and a grateful person feels happy.  This leads to much greater health and longevity.

Regarding wealth, I practice the saying- “Be grateful for what you have AND for what you don’t have yet.”  I imagine the life I love including more wealth and allow myself to FEEL grateful from head to toe as if this wealth has already happened.  From this grateful place, I ask myself what ideas I may have to move me toward this goal in which I already feel grateful.  I will tell you that I know this for sure- the ideas that come to me from this grateful place are far more powerful, courageous and effective than if I were not coming from this grateful place.  In other words, by feeling grateful, it leads to more ways of contributing to society and ultimately more wealth back to me.

Lastly, feeling grateful gives me the sense of wellbeing that makes me feel more attractive.  It also helps me see my partner as more attractive as I am grateful for her.  My feeling grateful leads to me doing and saying things that bring out my wife’s sexiness and of course that lead to a sexy, passionate marriage.

I will be talking about gratefulness in more detail this month.  Let me get back to my first paragraph.  I do work out regularly and I do eat healthy 88% of the time.  They are important contributors to self-healing.  But with practicing gratefulness, I have more energy to do better workouts and it is easier for me to make good food choices.  And as for how I seemed to deal with my Dodgers losing a close and tough World Series so easily- I decided to turn my thoughts to writing this article about gratefulness and realized how grateful I am for being able to write about a topic so important to me!

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