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A Penn State study has revealed that 78% of heterosexual women between 20 and 68 years old believe that love makes sex physically more satisfying.  Only 18% of women interviewed said that love was unnecessary for a fulfilling sexual relationship.

My client couples seem to confirm this.  When there is a sense of deep caring, both women AND men have stated to me that the sex was better. I know that one of the reasons is that love creates an element of safety between the couple that allows them to be less concerned about performance and more about playing, exploring and taking sexual risks with each other.  This healthier sexual mindset becomes a powerful aphrodisiac in long-term relationships.  With love, there can still be eroticism, role-play and sexual play.   With love, it is easier to be in a state of sexual surrender where everything we do feels more pleasurable and more intense.

So before you do sexual touch with your partner, find that loving place from inside of you and then approach him or her.  See how that works.  I have a good idea how that might turn out for you!

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