Divorce Therapy & Counseling

As a marriage and relationship therapist for over 30 years, Todd has worked with a variety of couples and individuals searching for help and guidance when it comes to divorce. Each couple presents a unique experience, and Todd provides coaching and counseling every step of the way, wherever you are in your own relationship journey. From divorce prevention and building healthy habits, to deciding if and when it may be time to consider divorce – therapy helps support and create better communication, connection, and coping methods. Todd also sees many couples recovering from divorce, and helps them to heal and overcome the obstacles often associated with the process – including its affects on children and others involved.

Todd’s office is located in Huntington Beach, easily accessible from Newport Beach, Irvine, Corona del Mar and other areas of Orange County. Contact him to learn more about marriage therapy and couples counseling related to divorce. Todd also offers a “Divorce Proof Your Marriage” program where couples can the principles to making their marriage work and how to sustain it over the long haul. Contact him for more information today!

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