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Celebrate your relationship!

This weekend, splurge on a real romantic date.

Find a restaurant that is really set up for intimacy. Of course, splurging does not necessarily mean with money. (not saying that there is anything wrong with splurging with money). You can also splurge (or be generous) with your energy.   Here are couple of suggestions:

  • Take a nice romantic walk under the moonlight at the beach.
  • Or find a lovely place in nature that is off the beaten path where you focus on each other enjoying each other and the scenery. (This could be during daylight of course. I don’t want you to be on a treacherous mountain path at night and then end up MIA!)

 Just make it special.

Creating an ambiance that suggests that you cherish your partner is the key. Pay attention to the mood you create or the mood that is created by the special place you take her (or him).

Celebrate your relationship! Don’t wait for it to get better. Celebrate it and it WILL get better.

Here’s to getting the love you want!

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