Create a New Positive Family Legacy

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Family! Ever find your parents’ voice coming out of your mouth? Do you find yourself recreating the same patterns with your partner or children? Are you longing to have a different relationship with your family?  Sometimes, it seems that nothing will ever change. But, you have the ability to change EVERYTHING. By making a few adjustments in how YOU deal with your past, you will liberate your family to a new way of being! Watch this video for a quick, powerful list of 5…

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Healing from a Broken Heart

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Just about all of us have experienced heartbreak.  We can literally feel the pain in our heart when someone breaks up with us.  How can we get over this pain and move on?  Here are 5 steps towards healing from a broken heart. Feel your feelings; don’t avoid them by going quickly into another relationship or drugs or alcohol.  Avoidance will only belabor your anguish.  Slow down and spend time feeling what you are experiencing.  Cry if you need to;…

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3 Ways Caring Relationships Can Help a Trauma Survivor

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Newborns and young babies depend on their caretakers to regulate their emotions until their brain is sufficiently developed to be able to regulate more on their own.  When a person goes through a trauma, there is cortisol shooting through the person’s system and is it difficult to regulate feelings and like the newborn can benefit greatly from supportive caring interpersonal relationships.  One of the most accepted and researched psychological theories is attachment theory which basically states that the primary motivation…

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Toxic Relationship: Couple Quarreling

Verbal Abuse Can Be Subtle and Traumatic

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This article will be written as if the males are the abusers and the females are the victims, which is true according to research the majority of the time.  However, if you are a male that is the victim or a female who is the perpetrator, please just swap the pronouns in your head. It is easy to understand that sexual and physical abuse can be traumatic.   It is also easy to understand that severe verbal abuse (i.e.-yelling, name calling)…

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How Childhood Trauma Can Ruin Your Current Relationship and How to Heal So It Doesn’t

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As a therapist, I deal with couples that are having challenges in their relationship.  As a professor at the USC School of Social Work, I teach graduate students the relationship between early developmental childhood trauma and the emotional, behavioral and cognitive symptoms that clients present when they come see the student interns for therapy.  One of the things I teach my students is that the brain develops in the first few years of life to adapt to the family who…

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Trauma Bonding: Why People Repeat being Abuse Victims

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Attachment to others has been shown to be the basic human motivation.  When people are victimized at a young age, their brains actually adapt to their environment and they learn that the way to attach is to be a victim.  This is not just a psychological phenomenon; it is also a neurobiological phenomenon.  People who have abuse histories may not even feel a desire to be attached to someone who is kind, genuine and safe.  That is not the way…

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Ashley Madison and Your Marriage

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“Life is short. Have an affair.” This is the motto of the Ashley Madison site; a site where married partners can supposedly meet other married people discreetly and have an affair.   Of course, as we have learned in the news, due to hacking as well as pure technology, there is less discreteness than some of the consumers of the site have hoped for.  I have had more than one female client of mine in recent weeks let me know…

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Five Rules of Fidelity

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I talk a lot about how to heal from infidelity and I have helped a lot of couples thrive after this interpersonal crisis.  Having said that, being faithful to your spouse or committed partner has many advantages.  These advantages include  No guilt or anxiety about secrets  It is easier to feel closer to your mate  You can focus on creating a phenomenal intimate life with your partner as you “grow up” together with no exits such as extramarital relationships. So…

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Toxic Relationship: Couple Quarreling

Facebook and Infidelity

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I have come across several studies that say about 1 in 5 people flirt using Facebook.  My practice is filled with couples that called me due to infidelity that started with social media.  I love social media myself.  It is good for my business and it is fun for personal reasons.   But it can be dangerous.  It can be dangerous because: It is so easily accessible. There are people from our past that we can easily find since so many…

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Communication in Relationships: Effective and Destructive

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Effective: Clean communication- clean communication is when the only intent of your communication is to reveal something about yourself. Example: I am angry with you for getting defensive rather than listening. Destructive: Unclean communication- unclean communication is when you have other intentions such as punishing the other person defending yourself, getting rid of your own tension or proving you are right. Example: Yelling loudly- your listening skills suck!  (Getting rid of tension) Effective: Being receptive which includes dropping your own…

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