Woman practising gratefulness

How practising gratefulness can make you feel better

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Why practising gratefulness will make you feel wonderful. I made this short video on gratefulness because it's one of my favorite things to talk about and it's also something I practice everyday in my personal life. I've personally experienced how powerful practising gratefulness can be. And I want to share that with you. Studies (and my personal experience) show that when you incorporate practising gratefulness into your daily life... you end up feeling more balanced, centered and even healthier!  Gratefulness can...

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Why Self Care Is The Number One Thing You Must Do

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If you want to be successful in your life and your relationship(s), then you MUST practice self care. I see a lack of self care as a major factor that is destroying our bodies and our relationships!  Watch this short video where I give my best tips for practicing self care. I want you to pick one thing that I suggest in this video, try it out and let me know how it goes! So tell me what's going to...

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3 Feelings Couples Experience in a Successful Relationship

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We have a whole range of feelings that we experience throughout our days as well as with our partner. However, there are three feelings I can think of that happy couples feel a lot. The first one I will mention is courage. Actually courage is an essential feeling to get us to take the action necessary to create a happy, vibrant relationship. With courage, you try new things with your partner in and out of the bedroom. With courage, you…

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My ExpertBeacon Profile

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Your happiness in life and love is my passion. Through every avenue possible, including psychotherapy, speaking, TV, and writing, I’ve spent decades dedicated to empowering people just like you to have the love and success you want, in your relationships and in business. Find out more about my background & specialties by visiting my ExpertBeacon.com profile. Here’s to getting the love you want!

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What is a “WAFIT?” you may ask? It is an acronym for Words, Actions, Feelings, Images and Thoughts. What words do you tell yourself throughout the day? Do you tell yourself that you are good enough or inadequate? Do you tell yourself that you can achieve what you want and reach your goals or that you will fail? Your self-talk contributes to how you feel and if you will succeed. Do you act in ways that demonstrate courage and confidence or fear and insecurity? Do you…

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BECOMING A SUCCESS MAGNET – Working On Your Weakest Link

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On your way to becoming a success magnet, it is important to know what your strengths are and to use them. At the same time, it is just as important to know what your weaknesses are. Once you can recognize and accept your more undeveloped aspects, you can work on them, get help for them and/or have others compensate for you. One way to look at your weaknesses (and strengths) is by examining your character traits. Possibly you are known to be…

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Team Building in the Workplace

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Utilizing Temperament Differences for Increased Success I sometimes have the privilege to go into a business and serve as a consultant to assist in team building and conflict resolution. Many studies (and common sense) tell us that the most profitable and successful businesses are those where there is excellent collaboration between coworkers and between managers and employees. An extremely useful tool to assist in team building is understanding temperaments. The realization that there are 4 different temperaments has been known for thousands of…

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BECOMING A SUCCESS MAGNET – Becoming Poised Under Pressure

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Each article I write illustrates some aspect of becoming a success magnet, in other words, someone who goes after success but also attracts success. When you develop the personal attributes that attract success, your marketing and networking has maximum impact. Today, I want to talk about the ways you could face challenges and overcome blocks to reaching your potential with relative ease and poise. When I think of the word “poise,” I have an image of a ballerina moving with fluidity and…

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WAFIT Worksheet

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What is your automatic WAFIT? WORDS– Self and Other-Talk What are your automatic negative self statements?  What do you say to others that limit your self-perception? ACTIONS What behaviors do you do?  What is your posture, how do you look at people that contributes to the negative belief? FEELINGS What are your automatic ways of feeling? IMAGES What mental picture do you hold in your head that reinforce the negative belief? THOUGHTS What is your reactive thinking that contributes to…

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