Vacation with Your Partner

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Do you remember how it was in the beginning of your relationship? Everything was sizzling, and you hung on every word of your partner; you were in the delight of discovering more about each other. Do you miss those feelings of connection? I have a super simple way to reconnect and rekindle with each other. All you have to do is take a vacation everyday with your partner.  What? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to live in Tahiti and abandon…

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A Success Story: She Found Love After Leaving A Toxic Relationship

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Here is a 100% true story of a past client who was able to break free of toxic patterns and discovered who and what she could attract and have in her life. As you read, you will see how through her own increased awareness, courage to be alone and raising her standards that achieving her relationships dream was possible. Her name is changed for reasons of confidentiality. Stephanie came to see me after 8 years of being with another therapist….

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Play a Sexy Game with Your Partner

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This is recycling of a previous Thursday thought. I chose this one because I feel that it is very important to be playful and adventurous with your partner.  This weekend, play a stripping game with your partner. Come up with some trivia questions what you each believe your partner has at least a chance of knowing the answer to. Make sure that you know the answer. If your partner answers the question right, you take off an article of clothing….

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Why You Should Stop Searching for Your Soulmate

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To be honest, I like the word “soulmate” and I use it.  However, I may define it differently than a lot of other people. The way a lot of people use this word “soulmate” is- “this is the perfect person for me” or “there is someone out there who will be the one.”  There is no perfect person out there.  The person out there is flawed and you probably will fall out of love (hopefully just temporarily) at times.  Then…

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