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Are We Built For Monogamy

Are We Built For Monogamy?

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I get this question a lot.  As a matter of fact, my 25-year-old daughter just asked me tonight.  (I thanked her for the inspiration of the title of this article). She asked, since I specialize with infidelity and help people who are in danger of getting divorced.   I understand that question. There are some real concerning statistics. I would say that we have wiring in the brain that is there to help us as individuals and our species survive.  Some…

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Bring the Best Out of Others

Relationship Mastery: Bring the Best Out of Others

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You are a powerful interpersonal center of influence.   It only takes ONE in a relationship to bring the best out of others.  It doesn’t matter if this is a personal or a more casual relationship.  You have the power. In other words, you have the ability to affect others in both negative and positive ways.  You are not a neutral force; it is impossible to be neutral.  Think of a time when you were at a social event and there…

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Staying connected to your partner

Relationship Mastery: Staying Connected with Your Partner

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I've recorded a new video for the Relationship Mastery series and it's got great tips on staying connected with your partner. I've been working with couples for 30+ years and I see that they all have one thing in common...An amazing capacity for passionate and nurturing relationships. In this video I discuss the one thing that holds us back from having that relationship with our partner. And I share what successful couples do to have more passion, romance and laughter...

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Relationship Mastery- Increasing Self-Love

Relationship Mastery: Increasing Self-Love

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Love is circulation.  The more we give it, the more we receive it; the more we receive it, the more we give it.   Co-dependency is not love because co-dependency is giving to others with the habit of sacrificing yourself.  This giving cannot be sustained because the co-dependent person burns out, grows in resentment and ultimately can hate.  This happens because the codependent person is closed off to self-love. Self-love requires accessing your needs and wants; your true self- the…

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Relationship Mastery connection

Relationship Mastery: Have the Connection You Long For

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In one month, I will launch a brand new online program…Relationship Mastery: Have the Connection You Long For. The main theme of this 3-month program is that you have the resources, ability and creative power to build a loving, pleasurable and passionate relationship with your partner- whether it is your current partner or your partner of the future.  This month I will be discussing different aspects of relationship mastery such as: Removing Blocks to Love Increasing your love for yourself…

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3 Essentials To Build Romance and Intimacy

3 Essentials To Build Romance and Intimacy

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You are that guy or woman who is romantic.   Do you know how many times I have heard: “Well, I’m just not the romantic type?”   Let’s just say…more than a few (thousand) times.   All those people could not be more wrong!  There is no such thing as a romantic type, especially when you have been with your partner for a while. There are those who are romantic because they naturally do the things that romantic people do…

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How to handle stress and be resilient

How to handle stress and be resilient

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Do You Know How to Handle Stress and Be Resilient? Stress is an inevitable part of all of our lives...and what we do with it is what matters. I'm back with part 3 on my series on stress and resilience.  In the first post on this series I covered  I gave you 7 tips to work with your body  and in part 2 I  shared 7 tips to work with your mind to be resilient.  In this post I'm concluding...

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couple in a happy healthy relationship

What it takes to have a thriving healthy relationship with expert Stan Tatkin

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Just what does it take to have a thriving healthy relationship?  I am talking to renowned relationship expert Stan Tatkin about his perspective on this subject. Stan Tatkin is one of those couple therapists that I respect and admire. He is a passionate and effective couples therapist but beyond that he is a great trainer for therapists.  I have personally heard him speak and he brings a lot of knowledge to the table.  He is a coauthor of one of...

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Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein- Sex Addict or Power Hungry Narcissist

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Reportedly, Harvey Weinstein is off to sex rehab.   Maybe that is true or maybe he is on a vacation at some resort.  Whatever it is, there is something amiss here.   First, addict is a misleading word.   Many in my field have mixed feelings about that word.   It implies that he had no control.  It also implies that the center issue was around a lack of control over his sexual impulses.  I don’t believe that was the central…

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The bottom line on healing from infidelity

The Bottom Line when it Comes to Healing From Infidelity

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Infidelity It can tear at the very fabric of a relationship. I see couples devastated by this every day I am at my office.  And yet, I find that many of these couples find away to heal from the crisis and develop more evolved, more connected and more loving relationships than they had ever had before. I work with some of these couples on a weekly basis; others come for a weekend intensive.   However the couple decides to proceed with…

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