couple in a happy healthy relationship

What it takes to have a thriving healthy relationship with expert Stan Tatkin

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Just what does it take to have a thriving healthy relationship?  I am talking to renowned relationship expert Stan Tatkin about his perspective on this subject. Stan Tatkin is one of those couple therapists that I respect and admire. He is a passionate and effective couples therapist but beyond that he is a great trainer for therapists.  I have personally heard him speak and he brings a lot of knowledge to the table.  He is a coauthor of one of...

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Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein- Sex Addict or Power Hungry Narcissist

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Reportedly, Harvey Weinstein is off to sex rehab.   Maybe that is true or maybe he is on a vacation at some resort.  Whatever it is, there is something amiss here.   First, addict is a misleading word.   Many in my field have mixed feelings about that word.   It implies that he had no control.  It also implies that the center issue was around a lack of control over his sexual impulses.  I don’t believe that was the central…

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The bottom line on healing from infidelity

The Bottom Line when it Comes to Healing From Infidelity

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Infidelity It can tear at the very fabric of a relationship. I see couples devastated by this every day I am at my office.  And yet, I find that many of these couples find away to heal from the crisis and develop more evolved, more connected and more loving relationships than they had ever had before. I work with some of these couples on a weekly basis; others come for a weekend intensive.   However the couple decides to proceed with…

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John Gray Books Interview Image

Todd’s interview with John Gray-the world’ s #1 bestselling author on relationships

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Live Interview with John Gray Books Best Selling Author Listen to Todd and John Gray chat about relationships, hormones and why you need to slow down and unplug. In this 60 minute interview with international best selling author and relationship expert, John Gray...Todd focuses on his newest book Beyond Mars and Venus. Watch the video and find out John's evolution of thinking about relationships and why he decided to write his latest book.  He also chats with Todd about the...

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Breaking Free from the 5 Dysfunctional Roles

Breaking Free from the 5 Dysfunctional Roles

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Part 2 of the Dysfunctional Roles article Two weeks ago, I wrote an article describing 5 roles that people inherit when they come from dysfunctional families. Of course, you may personally come up with more roles; I just listed the ones I see that are most common. In this article, I copied and pasted the description of each role from the previous article and then underneath I describe ways you can break the chains of those roles to become more…

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The Courage & Safety of Intimacy

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Are you letting fear ruin the possibility of having intimate love? In this video, marriage and sex therapist Todd Creager discusses the courage and safety of intimacy, and learning to give and receive love. He'll show you the 2 critical steps that you need to take in order to create the right environment in your relationship where you can relax and be truly intimate with your partner. "Intimacy is the practice of courage." -Todd Creager I encourage you to be...

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Do This First Before You Begin To Communicate

Do This First Before You Begin To Communicate

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A Must Read To Improve Your Communication Skills Would you like to be a more effective communicator?  Would you like your intimate partner to listen to you more?   How about having better results at a networking meeting?  There is one thing you can do which will make all the difference in the world in what you bring out of the other person.  Before I spell it out, let me say that neurobiologists talk about right brain to right brain communication….

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Alternatives to Infidelity - Healthy Ways to Regulate Your Emotions

Alternatives to Infidelity – Healthy Ways to Regulate Your Emotions

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In my last blog, I talked about another way to think about infidelity- Infidelity is a way to regulate our emotions.  Down regulating consists of managing hyperarousal, stress and anxiety. Up-regulating consists of arousing or enlivening ourselves when we feel bored or empty.  I would recommend reading that article before continuing to read this one if you have not read it already.  I am not saying that if you do what I write below- infidelity issues will cease; it is…

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Parenting and Romance

Parenting and Romance: Being Lovers When You Have Young Ones Around

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Many of my couples in my practice have babies and/or young children.  This is often when their sex life and romantic life wanes.  One or both parents are sleep deprived when the kids are very young.  As the kids get older but are still young, there is homework to help them with, extracurricular activities to get them to as well as all the other aspects of life that we need to take care of.  So when the heck can we…

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surviving marital affairs and intimacy issues

Interview: Overcoming a marital affair and intimacy issues

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I was recently interviewed by The Child Law Help Center about how to build an improved relationship after a marital affair and/or intimacy issues. In it I discuss the two main reasons why couples contact me for help: Lack of intimacy in the relationship Infidelity You'll want to check out the entire article to see what I have to say about the factors leading up to both situations, and my opinion on whether or not I think the relationship can...

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