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Using the brain to be resilient

How to Reduce Stress and Be Resilient: Part 2

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In last week's article I shared these 7 tips to recover quickly from stress and become more resilient. In this post I'll be sharing 7 tips to work with your mind to be resilient.  It is also just as possible and important to use your mind to release stress and be resilient.   Here are 7 ways you can use your mind to maintain a state of wellbeing whether you are going through challenging circumstances or not: #1:  Imagine things working out just the...

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There’s Nothing Stressful Out There

There’s Nothing Stressful Out There!

By | Communication, Compassion, Harmony, Mindfulness, Peace, Spirituality | 2 Comments

It’s All About Perception Traffic, financial challenges, health fears, obstinate children, meddling in-laws- stressful right? WRONG! There is nothing inherently stressful about any of those challenges.  Yes, it is true these kinds of issues can automatically lead to a fight or flight reaction because on some level, it feels like a threat. However, there is good news here. There is a way to think about every one of those problems in a way that can significantly reduce the stress you…

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