How to handle stress and be resilient

How to handle stress and be resilient

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Do You Know How to Handle Stress and Be Resilient? Stress is an inevitable part of all of our lives...and what we do with it is what matters. I'm back with part 3 on my series on stress and resilience.  In the first post on this series I covered  I gave you 7 tips to work with your body  and in part 2 I  shared 7 tips to work with your mind to be resilient.  In this post I'm concluding...

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Using the brain to be resilient

How to Reduce Stress and Be Resilient: Part 2

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In last week's article I shared these 7 tips to recover quickly from stress and become more resilient. In this post I'll be sharing 7 tips to work with your mind to be resilient.  It is also just as possible and important to use your mind to release stress and be resilient.   Here are 7 ways you can use your mind to maintain a state of wellbeing whether you are going through challenging circumstances or not: #1:  Imagine things working out just the...

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Woman practising gratefulness

How practising gratefulness can make you feel better

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Why practising gratefulness will make you feel wonderful. I made this short video on gratefulness because it's one of my favorite things to talk about and it's also something I practice everyday in my personal life. I've personally experienced how powerful practising gratefulness can be. And I want to share that with you. Studies (and my personal experience) show that when you incorporate practising gratefulness into your daily life... you end up feeling more balanced, centered and even healthier!  Gratefulness can...

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Why Self Care Is The Number One Thing You Must Do

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If you want to be successful in your life and your relationship(s), then you MUST practice self care. I see a lack of self care as a major factor that is destroying our bodies and our relationships!  Watch this short video where I give my best tips for practicing self care. I want you to pick one thing that I suggest in this video, try it out and let me know how it goes! So tell me what's going to...

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Body Awareness

The Importance of Body Awareness

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Are you paying attention to your body? As you read these words, pay attention to how your abdominal area feels.   Is it relaxed or tight?   Now notice how your jaw area feels. Is it clenched or relaxed?  If you are sitting, notice the sensation on your buttocks against whatever you are sitting on.   You may realize that those sensations were there before I asked you to notice them.   However, you probably did not experience these sensations before…

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Create a New Positive Family Legacy

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Family! Ever find your parents’ voice coming out of your mouth? Do you find yourself recreating the same patterns with your partner or children? Are you longing to have a different relationship with your family?  Sometimes, it seems that nothing will ever change. But, you have the ability to change EVERYTHING. By making a few adjustments in how YOU deal with your past, you will liberate your family to a new way of being! Watch this video for a quick, powerful list of 5…

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Vacation with Your Partner

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Do you remember how it was in the beginning of your relationship? Everything was sizzling, and you hung on every word of your partner; you were in the delight of discovering more about each other. Do you miss those feelings of connection? I have a super simple way to reconnect and rekindle with each other. All you have to do is take a vacation everyday with your partner.  What? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to live in Tahiti and abandon…

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3 Ways Caring Relationships Can Help a Trauma Survivor

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Newborns and young babies depend on their caretakers to regulate their emotions until their brain is sufficiently developed to be able to regulate more on their own.  When a person goes through a trauma, there is cortisol shooting through the person’s system and is it difficult to regulate feelings and like the newborn can benefit greatly from supportive caring interpersonal relationships.  One of the most accepted and researched psychological theories is attachment theory which basically states that the primary motivation…

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Sex in the Older Years

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If we take good care of ourselves, our sexual system can outlast just about every organ system we have. People have the opportunity to enjoy sexual pleasure well into their older years. Couples that have attended to their relationship through the years can enjoy lovemaking based on sexual and emotional maturity, life experiences and a deepening of their intimate relationship. This can all help with some of the following challenges of sexuality in the older years: Women can develop some…

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Sexuality Through the Years

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Sexuality is an important aspect for us throughout our lives. Watch this video to see how it evolves through the decades. I cover the transitions of life before kids, through kids, physiological changes, on up to maintaining a sexual connection with your partner past the 80s! I’ve included some tips to help the transitions through the many happy years to come. Here’s to getting the love you want!

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