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When a Man Has Low Sexual Desire

When a Man Has Low Sexual Desire: Causes and Solutions

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In my practice, a good proportion of my clients with low sexual desire are men.  This is particularly challenging because men have grown up with the myth that they should always have sexual desire and be ready to pounce on one’s partner at any time.  If that is not the case, it saps the self-esteem of the man and can even preoccupy his thinking. The truth is that men are not machines and there are many factors that could cause…

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Male Sexual Confidence

Male Sexual Confidence: The # 1 Way Men Can Get It

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What is confidence?  One definition is belief in one’s own abilities.  That is great in many areas of life.  However, there are also many areas of life where confidence is NOT just about abilities and the sexual arena is definitely one of those areas.  Why, because- good sex is not about just one person; it is about two people and sex with one person will be very different than sex with someone else.  That other person will have different desires…

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Make Her Want You More

Make Her Want You More: Creating Polarity in Your Relationship

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Every relationship is different and there are many ways to create a passionate relationship. One thing I have found though, that is pretty constant in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships: Opposites attract; opposites in the sense of masculine and feminine energies. The masculine in all of you whether you are a man or a woman is the part of you that could “penetrate,” make an impact and lead. The feminine in you is the part that can receive, allow to…

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