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Relationship Mastery: Have the Connection You Long For

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In one month, I will launch a brand new online program…Relationship Mastery: Have the Connection You Long For. The main theme of this 3-month program is that you have the resources, ability and creative power to build a loving, pleasurable and passionate relationship with your partner- whether it is your current partner or your partner of the future.  This month I will be discussing different aspects of relationship mastery such as: Removing Blocks to Love Increasing your love for yourself…

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The Most Important Part of Your Body When it Comes to Romance

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It’s not your sex organs.  Your next guess might be your brain.   Nope, that’s not where I am going in this article.   Before I tell you my answer based on my research as both a clinician and a professional, I want to talk about the word ‘attention.’   ‘Attention’ is one of my favorite words as I think it is the closest synonym to the word ‘love.’  Whatever I attend to, I love.  If I attend to my…

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What it takes to have a thriving healthy relationship with expert Stan Tatkin

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Just what does it take to have a thriving healthy relationship?  I am talking to renowned relationship expert Stan Tatkin about his perspective on this subject. Stan Tatkin is one of those couple therapists that I respect and admire. He is a passionate and effective couples therapist but beyond that he is a great trainer for therapists.  I have personally heard him speak and he brings a lot of knowledge to the table.  He is a coauthor of one of...

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Honoring Your Fantasies and Your Committed Relationship

Honoring Your Fantasies and Your Committed Relationship

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I am a marriage and sex therapist.  We all have fantasies…that’s a normal part of being human.  Today’s article is all about honoring your fantasies and your committed relationship…yes, that’s possible so please read on. In my practice and in society in general I see far to many people are getting divorced and too many people are being unfaithful.   My main purposes in life besides helping couples heal is to help prevent these problems. The reasons for these problems are multiple and…

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The Courage & Safety of Intimacy

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Are you letting fear ruin the possibility of having intimate love? In this video, marriage and sex therapist Todd Creager discusses the courage and safety of intimacy, and learning to give and receive love. He'll show you the 2 critical steps that you need to take in order to create the right environment in your relationship where you can relax and be truly intimate with your partner. "Intimacy is the practice of courage." -Todd Creager I encourage you to be...

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How to communicate your way to a stellar relationship

How to communicate your way to a STELLAR relationship

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Healthy communication is the #1 most important thing you must have in your relationship Fortunately, it's something that can be easily learned and applied to your relationship. Here are my top 3 tips that will help you to communicate your way to a stellar relationship or marriage, and increase your connection and understanding of your partner. Here's what I cover in this video Tip#1:  Drop Your Agenda Why its good for both your relationship and your health... Tip #2:  Feel...

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Meditation, Marriage and other miscellaneous matters

Meditation, Marriage and other Miscellaneous Matters

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The Benefits of Developing a meditation practice Wednesday night is my Yoga/Meditation class night.  Wednesday nights I notice how I handle interpersonal issues with my wife so much more lovingly.  I handle my emotions more effectively and it takes so much more to get me stressed.   I remember a few classes where I was angry with my wife over some matter in the beginning of class and I saw her and our situation totally differently at the end of class….

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